Zidane at PSG, a big blow after the rumor

Controversial rumors about Zinedine Zidane in Paris Saint-Germain have been numerous since Friday, provoking sometimes rather measured reactions. Pour Pierre Ménès, le constat d’ensemble n’est pas réjouissant.

If it lasted for several weeks, or even several months, the rumor of Zinedine Zidane’s arrival at PSG took a turn for the worse on Friday, the day Spanish and then French media reported that ‘an agreement was drawn between the two parties. In the stream, other media claimed that it was nothing, just like the French adviser, Alain Migliaccio. On the supporters’ side, the debates continue to flare up, both on the Paris side, but also and perhaps especially in Marseille, a city where “Zizou” is adored like a king. Observer of the situation, Pierre Ménès delivered his analysis.

On the platform Pierrot Le Footthe journalist found that the subject provoked insanity and the absence of measurement, but he first reminded that he had not been there for the time. that of a journalist rumor. Rather a rumor of RMC and L’Equipe, rather a denial of France Inter, of Europe 1 at d’Alain Migliaccio«. Pour l’ancien du Canal Football Club« it is urgent to expect, to be reasonable and not to do as much has been done with Mbappéit’s to say everything and anything goes out and happens from Monday to Tuesday«.

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Pierre Ménès then lamented the rapid and unfounded reactions of some, such as those who posted “ negative comments about his Lima«. The fact that « everyone opens his mouth“, And especially some politics, were no longer to please the journalist. « Samia Ghali, there are legislators. You don’t have anything important to add to PSG coach Zidane seriously?«. And Pierre Ménès to denounce a ” folie »General.

Supporters too

At this stage of his intervention, “Pierrot” made a small historical reminder of the OM. « It is necessary to stop abusing oneself for nothing. It was even a Parisian who celebrated the European Cup with Marseilles (Bernard Tapis was OM boss during the ’93 Champions League victory, ed.). They need to be reminded from time to time. This is not supported. If they are not able to understand that it is more rewarding for a coach to coach PSG than the OM, which is a club with more European ambitions than Marseille, which has more by the way, I can do nothing for them. »

But Pierre Ménès also says “ shocked Comments from Paris, especially on the reactions of the coaches whose name is circulating. As many findings tell the journalist: ” Zizou, there was a rumor, he cracked his throat. You have not gone on. »

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