Zach LaVine has chosen his team for next season!

Very short on the market, will Zach LaVine leave Chicago? One could well have a definitive answer to this question in the present, as the player would have been entrenched in his future. The franchise he has chosen is going to show absolutely ravie!

Adding 24 points, 4 rebounds and 4 passing averages, 38% success behind the arc and a selection in the All-Star Game: Zach LaVine sorted out clearly for the 2021-22 workout bond, endured only by a few injuries. Between that and the success of the Bulls who bounced back in the playoffs, his side continued to grimper and the rear became part of the big doses to follow in the coming interception.

As a matter of fact, NBA franchises have been booming at the door of that of the Illinois for several weeks, the Blazers being particularly hot on the idea of ​​associating with Damian Lillard. Even Dallas and the Lakers will be on the ranks to get their services, although the Pourpres and Ors seem a bit eclipsed in this armament race. In other words, the options are not limited in case of departure of the athlete.

Nevertheless, while the interest in his subject is therefore very high, it would seem that the conclusion of this case would be extremely disappointing for all the teams involved. Its effect, as Jake Fischer revealed Bleacher Report, Chicago can’t wait to see its star cast its veils. Indeed, the Illinois escape benefits a considerable advantage over others, knowing that its car has well beyond criteria in the eyes of the interested party:

Zach LaVine will stay with the Bulls

Among the teams playing for LaVine, only San Antonio could offer a clear opportunity to play the dominant role, and the Spurs are considered to be far from a regular playoff candidate status, which LaVine prefers. This has led to the skepticism of rival leaders as to the fact that LaVine never wanted to consider options outside of Chicago.

No luck for the Texans, do not use All-Star to study ZLV in quelques semaines, they are not in the process of offering guarantees of success to the player. As for the competition, no one would be able to meet as many demands as the former T-Wolves and it would have quickly come to light. Here, outside Chi-Town it would no longer be on the table for a while, according to rival front offices.

Suddenly, local fans will have the joy of seeing the duo that he forms with DeMar DeRozan be reunited from next September. The beginnings were promising, which now remains to clearly define the hierarchy as well as the distribution of shoots. His teammate having not been badly injured this year, DMDR took advantage to take the lead, but not sure if the crazy dunker is ready for it to last a long time.

Instead of leaving the Bulls, Zach LaVine will finally stay a little longer in Illinois. No other franchise can really offer him what he wants, so much so that he stays with an escort that is pleasantly surprised in the regular season.

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