XXL’s trade in the US media is Rudy Gobert in Brooklyn!

The name of Rudy Gobert still lives on in them rumors as summer approaches, and there should be no shortage of claimants in the coming weeks. By the way, a US media has just been linked with the Nets, where he could seriously play the title and progress.

The first domino had just fallen in Utah, and everyone else could follow. Indeed, after the elimination it was quite a surprise against the Mavericks in the first round of the playoffs, even though they evolved without Luka Doncic a good part of the series, deep changes seem vital to allow the franchise to evolve and reach its full potential.

The first to have his suitcases was coach Quin Snyder, however in office for 8 years, who considered himself necessary to leave for the good of all. With his experience and results in Salt Lake City, he shouldn’t stay on the market too long. From now on, all observers are demanding that Rudy Gobert or Donovan Mitchell follow after leaving the Jazz.

Rudy Gobert direction Brooklyn?

If the back has left to plan the doubt this weekend with a series of photos with Heat players, a team in which he has been pressing for months, is well the name of the French that appears most often in rumors. Et le Salt Lake Tribunemedia of reference regarding Jazz, has just launched an idea quite crazy: if Rudy joined the East and Nets conference this summer?

Brooklyn received: Rudy Gobert

Utah receives: Ben Simmons and Cam Thomas

You can change the seemingly dingue, from Jazz could finally launch 100% at small-ball, because Ben Simmons, when he is in good health, can defend in positions 1 to 5. Cam Thomas is still young , but he could take Jordan Clarkson off the bench.

In his last playoff campaign, Rudy Gobert has been highly criticized by observers and by some fans, as he is targeted by players smaller and faster than he is. For example, last season against the Clippers, Terance Mann left the match of his life abusing the long-distance tricolor pivot. A similar finding is possible with the many cartons of Jalen Brunson a few weeks ago.

In New York, Rudy Gobert would be a more serious third option behind Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, which would otherwise allow him to focus on defensive tasks. He could learn the urgency at a very high level with the two champions, which would be very beneficial for his progression. But like the Jazz, the Nets lack defenders, which would not facilitate the task.

With Rudy Gobert, the Nets would have an impressive All-Star trio, it remains to be seen if the three will be complementary. But in fact, will the leaders accept to separate from Ben Simmons as well? Nothing less certain.

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