XV rugby étoffe son staff with venue David Ardilouze

He must be recruited at his feet during his previous passages with the Passage, Layrac and RCBB clubs. David Ardilouze’s car is a habitué de la montée. In Federal 3 with Le Passage, in Honneur, then in Federal 3 with Layrac and in Federal 2 with the Bon-Encontre club. “He was chosen for his rigor. David Ardilouze is a builder who works in continuity, “said Jérôme Colombini, who expects” a modern vision of coaching. ” David Ardilouze is going, to carry out his mission, to be able to support a staff already present last season and a group formed. The latter, for the rest of a full year, after two years of interruption due to Covid, can be proud of good results: fourth in the Pre -Federal Championship, winner of the 3 Tours challenge and finalist of the Terroir. But David Ardilouze predicts: “Whether in Federal 3 or Honor, the sporting challenge will be there. It will fail, in one as in the other, to be competitive from the start if one wants to be in the group. »

“I stayed in each of my previous clubs for several years to build a solid team. I am not a mercenary »

The builder

And if the man chose to change clothes, it was because he believed in the sporting project that the RCV XV was ambitious: “My recruitment was not tied to the climb or not to the Federal. If I said yes, it was because the speech of the leaders made me laugh. They want the club to grow little by little, supporting the youth and especially the juniors. I know it will take two or three years to build a strong group. I stayed in each of my previous clubs for several years to build a solid team. I am not a mercenary. »

And on the young players side, the RCV XV is not to be disappointed, especially with the Juniors who, this season, are the champions of their championship, winners of the Max-Brito Challenge and Terroir and finally finalists of the League d ‘Aquitaine: “Supporting the formation allows you not to have to go looking for players elsewhere and guarantee an executive who loves his club,” says David Ardilouze.

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