WORLD CUP – Australia dominate Peru in goal shooting and join the Bleus group at the World Cup

The Bleus will therefore have the same opening match as in 2018. For what was a real first World Cup pre-taste in Qatar, the first of the disputed intercontinental dams in Doha left the world on its own. But at the end of a match that will be forgotten very easily, Australia qualified for the World Cup thanks to their success in Monday’s shootout against Peru (5-4, 0-0 after overtime).

It remains the only interest of the evening, but it is important for the French team. While Didier Deschamps’ players played at the Stade de France against Croatia in the Nations League, the Socceroos completed the world championship group with titles.

Qualifications. World Cup – AFC

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06/07/2022 20:02

It is not known if the two teams have taken a little too far at the foot of the letter which means that you sometimes take your step on the game. But they were an almost perfect illustration. First strike out of the match in the 81st minute, the second at the beginning of overtime… The show was mainly in the stands, where the Peruvian fans did their best to make the evening less dangerous.

Redmayne, unlikely hero

He had to go through the shooting session and the Andrew Redmayne show to finally find a bit of excitement that afternoon. Launched at the last minute of overtime by selection Graham Arnold, as Louis van Gaal and Tim Krul or Thomas Tuchel with Kepa, the Australian substitute goalkeeper will remain as the heroes of the evening. Ibuhos in the third selection, the Sydney FC goalkeeper (33 years old) made the show first and foremost with his totally disarticulated handling to try to destabilize the opposing shooters. Then Redmayne dived with a brio on his right to block Alex Valera’s attempt, he also came into play in the final moments of the extension.

With the exception of their savior coming out of nowhere, it is difficult to draw true lessons from this match of a mediocre infinity for Didier Deschamps’ band. As in qualifiers, Australia was well on its way to showing danger on the Peruvian goal despite a very light dominance. The Socceroos, as in 2018 with the Tricolores, will have the merit of holding on without ever really falling apart. Peru had only been in danger for three minutes, in the resumption of the second period of overtime with the head on the post by Edinson Flores (107th).

For the rest, the Australians have yet to work hard to hope to get past the group stage, as they did in 2006 before falling into the final eighths. The Australian players could have shown the way to their Neo-Zealand neighbors, who are disputing the final ticket for the World Cup against Costa Rica (8pm) on Tuesday. The winner will join Spain, Germany and Japan in Group E. For the second time since 2010, the two ocean islands will participate in the same edition of the World Cup.

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Qualifications. World Cup – Amsud

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Qualifications. World Cup – Amsud

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