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13:10 by Lucas Le Lay-Guillot

It is a party for the internationals of Blois that is going on until this Sunday, June 19. The chance to see great tennis players face off with rankings ranging from 134th to 233rd in the world. High temperatures and good play are already at the appointment.

After two years of absence due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the internationals of Blois-ATP Challenger are making their return on the AJB Tennis facilities. Great event for the territory and its sporting radiation, it is also obviously for tennis enthusiasts. Considered as its director, Claude Roget, as “a little blue Roland-Garros”this competition attire of many French but also foreign players : “It is this same international dimension that makes the public the greatest happiness and that makes this competition what it is today.” add it.

Claude Roget in Blois
Claude Roget, the organizer, echoes the importance of the tournament:

Very high level tennis

The twentieth edition of Blois International will once again have the opportunity to side with some champions, current or future. The opening Sunday, dedicated to qualifications, saw twenty-four players clash: the battles were sometimes rough … and long, since certain duels ont frôlé les trois heures. The sequel? The final table, including the participation of the Czech Zdenek Kolar -134th world- and head of series n ° 1, as well as the French Corentin Moutet -128e-, head of series n ° 2 who just finished the open Sopra Steria in Lyon, against Argentine Pedro Cachin … also in contention this week in Loir-et-Cher.

Claude Roget, the organizer, voiced the quality of the matches:

A party time too

The attraction of the international tennis of Blois is also an excellent pretext for the organization of several animations linked to the many partners of the event: they will host groups of college students up to gala evenings. Parameters to take into account this eastern June before the time: weather, the strong insulation and the pics of the heat expectation which, in matches or in the ranks, must incite prudence. With almost 40 degrees provided in point, hat, cap and bottle of water will be unavoidable to get the most out of it!


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