Women’s hockey World Cup: Red Panthers all in hand

Never, without a doubt, will the Red Panthers be at another important turn. Carried for several months by a wind of optimism in its wake, our national team has the opportunity to pass – in the eyes of supporters and observers – from a team full of promises to a team full of confirmations.

Indeed, everyone can hope for a beautiful course on the occasion of this world event in Spain and the Netherlands.

First: the latest good results in Pro-League point to victories against teams like Germany or England. Not to be outdone, they also overwhelmed the dominant Argentines or the Dutch. Long at their weak point, the Red Panthers now rely on physical qualities that allow them to develop a dominant and offensive game.

Second: consequence of the first point, their world ranking. For the first time in their history, the Red Panthers are showing a revealing 5th place.

Thirdly: their last Euro in 2021, with a Bronze medal, the key that allowed this team to qualify for this planetary rendezvous.

Cause or consequently, these digitized arguments are now accompanied by an ambitious discourse. Before this tournament, the Red Panthers assimilate their ambition for results. A new discourse, the result of the arrival of a new generation of talent who have not (or little) known the flaws of the past.

Another correlation of this new era: coach Raoul Ehren arrived in December 2020. The Dutch are a final knower in women’s hockey with, on average, nine Dutch championship titles (by far the best world championship) and seven European honors with the Den Bosch club in the last decade.

Beyond this impressive CV, the battalion also had the advantage – relative to its predecessors – of being able to count on a qualitatively and quantitatively much larger group. Without a doubt for the first time, he also had to make real electoral choices.

In the eyes of some “old people” who, apart from their qualities, guide this youth, Belgium has no doubt never had a team that was also competitive. It remains to be seen from words to action and to reach, at a minimum, the quarterfinals.

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