Without asking, Luka Doncic is very humbled in these finals!

Eliminated with the Mavericks a few weeks ago, Luka Doncic is already preparing for the new season in Texas, still with the ambition to win a title. It is not known if the Slovene followed the finals, but if that is the case, he may have noticed a vile troll on his side. Hopefully the Dallas player takes it with a smile.

Among the best players of this postseason, Luka Doncic did not succeed in surpassing the Mountain Warriors. Too excluded from his roster, the Slovenian knows he needs more help to cross a cap to the West, and why not reclaim his first title. Well, it is the work of the front office, which will have to show aggression in the market for free agency, but also the draft, which will take place at the end of the month. Be careful not to laugh, to surround Luka as best he can in his adventures.

Rudy Gobert? It’s a name that pleases right at the front office, but not until that of another star. The ambition is your display for the texane franchise, which intends to return next year in the playoffs, and why not to take their revenge on the Warriors. Additional reason for Doncic? The recent troll, involving Andrew Wiggins, who had posted him a little earlier in the postseason.

Luka Doncic trolled once again against the Warriors!

It is recalled that in the series between Golden State and Dallas, Wiggins had martyred Doncic at the level of the circle. A poster refused to leave for alleged wrongdoing, which never took place. Finally, the panier and accordé along with Steve Kerr’s reclamation, and add the grand bonheur of the fans. If there are certain to be seen in the recall, here is what has arrived in Game 3.

Which brings us to this day, in the Warriors ’victory over the Celtics on Friday night. Andrew Wiggins celebrated the success on the parquet with his daughter. The detail qui change tout? The t-shirt is worn, since it is exactly the dunk in question on Doncic. As such, the Wiggins family did not want to forget this moment, which was rather impressive to say:

The fille d’Andrew Wiggins put on a t-shirt with the image of the * ce * dunk on Luka Doncic.

Fortunately the basket was awarded, since it makes a good memory for Andrew Wiggins, very good in these playoffs. Pour Luka Doncic in revenge, c’est gratuit, and there is no doubt that Slovenians will want to take revenge. He will have to watch the next Warriors/Mavericks.

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