winner of Besançon, Metz Handball offers a cup to finish

The dominance of Metz Handball on the French stage is therefore total, with this ultimate victory (33-23), on Saturday, in the final of the French Cup. Thirteen days after winning the Women’s League at the expense of Brest, six days after taking the bronze in the fourth final of the Champions League.

Metz has never been hooked

Nothing to redirect to the match. Metz has always managed and mastered. Besançon did not mark only two goals, including one in the game, in the first 19 minutes. As a symbol, Chloé Valentini finished best with 5 goals, but everyone took part in the mark.

The emblems Nocandy, Zaadi, N’Gouan, Kapitanovic, just to name a few … Several cadres therefore succeeded their latter including Metz Handball. “The emotional sequence, it was a few days, tonight, after the match was over. His is proud. In ten years, I will retain this human, emotional aspect“explains Grace Zaadi.”In a galéré, in a rebondi. In a eu des blessées, in a rebondi. It was won all the time but it was tough. We all like what makes the story more beautiful“added Méline Nocandy, the other half-center.

Metz Handball has found the juice and the urge to snatch a new trophy, despite recent setbacks that may be more exciting. “He should not regret having, a little, make the partyresponds coach Manu Mayonnade. It is done three times a year in Metz. On the other hand, if one was lost, people would have made the correlation. He had to go to the end, play well and this trophy made me happy. This is the one of the players.

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