Will Cummings MVP, Collet best coach, Kamagaté best defender at Wembanyama best young

The National Basketball League (LNB) has organized its 2022 Trophy Night, broadcast on BEIN SPORTS. On this occasion, neuf trophées ont été remis. Will Cummings, the leader of Metropolitans 92, was voted best player of the season. Coach’s son Vincent Collet he received the title of best coach. However, the selection of the best defender, was a big surprise given the difficulties of his team, especially in defense, this is the pivot of Paris Ismaël Kamagaté which finally lauréat. Finally, another surprise, ASVEL’s strong line Victor Wembanyama ahead of Juhann Begarin for the title of best young man of the season.

As for the five ideals of the season, the MVP Will Cummings côtoie Nicolas Lang (Limoges), Alpha Diallo (Monaco), Tashawn Thomas (Le Mans) et Chris Horton (Nanterre). David Holston (Dijon), is the most important final part of the MVP title, and it won’t be ideal.

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