Who said the LIV Golf-PGA Tour could not coexist?

Ang golf, as we know it, is different today from what it was yesterday.

This is different because of the noise that the new LIV Golf tour did and the crushing effect that began to occur as a result.

It’s a good choice. There is, after all, no rule that says the status quo is always the best thing to do.

There are many layers to take off here.

The LIV Golf series, with PDG Greg Norman, is not a product. But it sheds light on some potential golf improvements – for golf fans and players alike.

The PGA Tour has done a lot of great things both for its players and for the game. It is a formidable and convincing product. But that doesn’t mean that things can’t be better for everyone involved – the best players who attract sponsors on the circuit to be better remunerated and fans to see an improved and more developed product that is included in the team and shorter, faster events.

It may be a prize for Pollyanna, but why can’t they all listen?

Pourquoi LIV Golf not an organizer in the série d’événements pour the argent extravagant qu’il paie and coexister with the PGA Tour and the DP World (European) Tours?

Dustin Johnson speaks to the media ahead of the LIV Golf Invitational in London.
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Each sports director explains how he wants to “develop the game.”

However, the PGA Tour has begun banning players from playing in the LIV series and / or the Masters banning players from August, the PGA of America bans players from participating in the PGA championship and Ryder Cup teams. and R&A bans players from playing in its Open Championship, so what is good about the game?

Comment on “développe-t-il le jeu?”

You have not gone on.

Kevin Na was one of the players who resigned from the PGA Tour to play in the LIV Golf Series.
Kevin became a member of the PGA Tour and rejoined the LIV Golf Series.
Action photos by Reuters

The essence here is, of course, the essence, that is, money.

The PGA Tour defends its grip. It does not threaten to ban players who play in LIV events out of moral indignation regarding the origin of Saudi silver and the horrible records of the country in terms of human rights. The PGA Tour threatens penalties that include child protection.

And, if any of the other organizing organizations follow suit, they will do it for the same reasons: money.

Money, of course, is precisely the reason why players play in LIV events. However, in many circles, while players are excited to run after the money, the PGA Tour does not take such shots.

Those who threw stones at the players to run after the money would have to ask what they would have if they were willing to offer guaranteed money that would triple their income for half of the work.

The origins of Phil Mickelson’s battle with the PGA Tour, there have always been the best players who have not been remunerated to the height of their value for the Tour. Tiger Woods was one of the first to push it back in years, pointing out that the PGA Tour used its resemblance to all forms of promotion of its product and that it did not cost a cent.

It’s a complicated argument and somewhat uncomfortable to make out for players like Mickelson, Woods, Dustin Johnson, who joined LIV Golf last week, at the PGA Tour stars who win the money but most of ‘ between us could never imagine.

But think about this: Woods has earned just under $ 121 million in prize money over the course of his career and Kyrie Irving has earned $ 100 million in three seasons with the Nets without disputing his 83 games. And Irving isn’t selling in the NBA as Woods is selling on the PGA Tour.

Whatever the position of the PGA Tour, the golfers are independent entrepreneurs and, as long as they meet the conditions of the circuit on which they play (in the case of the PGA Tour, a minimum of 15 events must be played), they should power to play where they want.

If you are not comfortable with the fact that these players are taking what is thought to be the money sold to the Saudis, it is quite understandable. But what is this money that is different from the money that the PGA Tour, LPGA and DP World Tours have had their players retreat from China over the years, because they have all done business with this country, which also of ancient horrors in the matter of human rights?

“It was incredibly polarizing,” said Graeme McDowell, the 2010 US Open winner who participated in this week’s premiere LIV Golf event, addressing reporters Tuesday. “I think we all agree here, take it [Jamal] Case of Khashoggi [the Washington Post journalist who was assassinated reportedly by the Saudi government]. We all agree that it is representative. No one will protest.

“But we are golfers. We are not politicians. I think that as golfers, if we were to remedy geopolitical situations in all the countries of the world where we play golf, we would not play golf much. This is a really difficult question to answer. ”

There are many questions as to what to answer in the game of golf, which is going through an fascinating period.

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