who has the best chance of winning according to the bouquets of history?

After the Warriors’ victory in Game 4, these NBA Finals are fully relaunched and they announce more details than ever. In order to get a little idea of ​​what we are waiting for (maybe) next, we decided to go and consult the bouquets of League history. It’s time for a little blow in the retro!

Fans of the Warriors et des Celtics do not classify the lance-flammes, in the absence of Madame Irma et on se gardera bien de faire une projection concerning the suite des évènements ats ces Finales 2022. However, et pour le fun, we decided to take a look at the NBA past to see if some Finals available a scenario similar to this year’s. Pour cela, rien de plus facile, in consideration of the Finales entre 1947 and 2021 and in not garde que celles où il y avait 2-2. Then, we retire all those who are not in the current format in 2-2-1-1-1, that is, two matches with the one who has the advantage on the field, and then two matches with his rival and a match is made between one and the other. Finally, in tombe sur seize NBA Finales. In these NBA Finals, we keep those who are 2-2 with an away win for each team. You will understand, we want the exact scenario of this Warriors-Celtics. Bingo, douze the letter results. So what do we tell the history of the League in relation to these twelve matches? First lesson that Dubs fans should enjoy: the team that has the edge on the field in Game 5 wins the series ten times over twelve confrontations. Seuls Saint-Louis in 1958 and… Boston in 1974 started with tromper les pronostics. These will obviously be the models to follow for Jayson Tatum and company.

Another stat that has interested him and that will push fans to the next match this Monday: eleven times on twelve the winner of Game 5 is the winner of the series. (9-2 score for the home team) Aunt says it wouldn’t be better to go to the Chase Center tomorrow night. Pour me, in a aussi regards the scénario and plus fou dans le lot and celui-ci devrait plaire aux fans des… Celtics. In 1974, Boston rejected Milwaukee with no land advantage and parvient (comme vu plus haut) to all importing new fois to Wisconsin in Game 5. The Bucks did not contribute to the Boston tour Garden in Game 6. One might think that luck had turned for the clover lovers but a great Dave Cowens was going to lead the Celtics to a third win in hostile territory to offer a new banner to Beantown. To win three times outside in the NBA Finals, you haven’t had a mince affair yet but this isn’t mission impossible for the 2022 version of the Celtics. Proof, the Ime Udoka band came out this way against the Heat in the previous round (winning Games 2, 5 and 7 abroad). How to repeat against Golden State?

2-2, an away win for each team, is a scenario that is not so frequent in NBA Finals and history pushes in favor of the winning team, so Golden State. Can Boston lie the rules? Answer from Game 5.

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