Violence: No public money paid according to Hockey Canada

Hockey Canada says it has not used public funds to settle a friendly lawsuit against eight Canadian hockey league players, including some members of the 2017-2018 Canadian Junior World Cup team, accused of ‘having sexually assaulted a woman, reveals Rick Westhead of TSN.

“Hockey Canada wishes to have the opportunity to compare with the Canadian Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage,” the organization wrote in a statement published Tuesday, a day after the committee voted in a closed -door session to hold a three -hour hearing in Ottawa on June 20 to discuss the settlement.

“We take the allegations against the members of the 2017-2018 national junior team-as well as the safety and well-being of anyone participating in our programs-very seriously. We can say with certainty that no government funds have been used in the recent regulation ”.

The woman, who has not been identified in judicial files, alleged that the attacks took place in June 2018 at a hotel in London, in Ontario, as a result of Hockey Canada. His allegations were included in a lawsuit filed on April 20 that was settled out of court. The petitioner wanted to file a lawsuit for a total value of $ 3.55 million. The amount of the indemnity is not known. The allegations against the players have never been proven in court and none of the visiting players have filed evidence.

New Westminster – Burnaby neo-democrat Peter Julian told TSN in an interview Monday that the committee would invite Hockey Canada president Scott Smith, director general Tom Renney, the former vice president of the ‘ assurance and de la gestion des risques Glen McCurdie and Fondation Hockey Canada president David Andrews to testify.

“Canadians deserve to know and want to know what has happened here and the reason why it has been kept secret for four years,” Julian said.

The June 20 hearing will be public and broadcast on the web, Julian said. He said that if Hockey Canada officials declined the invitation, they would receive a quote to compare.

The Minister of Sports of Canada, Pascale St-Onge, also ordered a verification of the finances of Hockey Canada to determine if the money from the taxpayers was used to regulate the case.

The LNH announced on May 26 that it would open an investigation into the allegations and said the eight players who would have been involved were part of the Canadian junior World team. A week later, on June 3, the LNH officially notified the Players Association of its intention to investigate, as opposed to the collective agreement.

The porte-parole of Hockey Canada, Esther Madziya, an ecrit ats une declaration on 25 from TSN in which the organization provided information to the London police for the allegations and embauché to the cabinet d’avocats torontois Henein Hutchison LLP for survey.

The following statement is made on behalf of Hockey Canada:

«Salute Hockey Canada on the occasion of the comparison of the Comité permanent du patrimoine canadien. The organization treats the allegations against members of the 2017-2018 national junior team with the greatest seriousness, as well as the safety and well-being of the assembly of participants and participants in the programs. We respect the wish of the young woman who was part of this incident to preserve her anonymity and we invite the rest of the population to do as much as possible. They will be willing to meet with the Committee on Hockey Canada’s ongoing commitment to the safety and integrity of the sport among young people, as well as measures being taken to keep track of what expectations are being set. our staff, our athletes and our volunteers within our programs reflect the mission of the organization and the values ​​of our country. In the meantime, we can say without a doubt that some public funds have not served the latest prosecution settlement. »

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