Video: Jay-Z is embarrassed by Blue Ivy during a basketball match

Posted on June 14, 2022 until 11h01

Video: Jay -Z humiliates Blue Ivy girl during a basketball match – © THEARON W. HENDERSONGETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICAGetty Images via AFP

Blue Ivy Carter, the head of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, an assistant in a basket match with the son.

At 10 years old, Blue Ivy Carter was a teenager and young. The fille de Beyoncé and Jay-Z appeared on June 13 or premier du match in the NBA against the Boston Celtics and the Golden State Warriors. By his side, his father, Jay-Z. Father and daughter shared a beautiful moment of complicity. But as the cameras turned on them, Blue Ivy showed the whole world that she was no longer a little girl and that she thought she knew how to do it.

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A very bright teenage future

In a video posted on Twitter, one can see Jay-Z put his arm around his daughter’s neck and give her a kiss on the game. If you want to know what Blue Ivy means is an attempt to push the hand of her father, visibly generated by cet élan d’amour. A future teenager like the others who pay a lot of attention to her look: with her creoles in her ears, her leather dress, her sunglasses clasped to her t-shirt, her canon curls and her lip gloss, her tongue of Beyoncé and Jay-Z proves once again that she has a very assertive sense of style.

For 10 years, Blue Ivy Carter was a star and devenir. If she won a Grammy Awards in 2021, the little girl also participated in several campaigns for the Ivy Park brand or turned in clips alongside her illustrious parents. Like many children of stars, Blue Ivy seems to follow a path all the way to celebrity.

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