VIDEO. Handball: PSG postpone their sixth French Cup against Nantes, 36-31

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PSG a remporté hier, on 11 June, the Coupe de France of handball face in Nantes. In Bercy, the Parisians win their sixth trophy in this competition, the opportunity for some to conclude the adventure in beauty.

PSG Handball, this season’s invincible champions, ended their season beautifully by winning the French Cup at the expense of Nantes (36-31), at the mythical Bercy Hall on Saturday. Holders of the title, the Parisians are offering their 6th crown in the competition, to mark a season in which they will have almost all won on the national scale, bringing the League Cup back to their opponents last December.

For many Parisian players, including Vincent Gérard and Nedim Remili, strong elements of PSG on Saturday, it was a final party before leaving the capital club. In Bercy, where a wall of violet supporters has been erected to support the H, the Nantais have not really resisted a PSG who have just recorded 30 wins in their 30 Starligue matches a few days ago.

The suspense at the end of 10 minutes, during lesquelles la belle défense nantaise and l’efficacité de Thibaut Briet, meilleur buteur de la rencontre (8 goals), ont permis aux Nantais de faire bonne figure. But Paris, led by their MVP of the season Luc Steins at their Polish giant Kamil Syprzak (6 goals), defended behind by Vincent Gérard, quickly passed the second, going as far as clearing the gap to +6 to 25th minute.

Impressions of Gérard and Robin

The Paris goalkeeper, for his last match in red and blue before his start at Saint Raphaël, accounted for 10 stops at the break (13-18), out of 15 stops in total. Facing him, Mickael Robin, 37, was also monstrous, in the image of this double parade at the start of the second period that allowed H to return a time to +2, before PSG could not regain their distances , thanks in particular to Remili (6 goals).

Raul Gonzalez’s homes are not by chance or doubt, keeping their distance throughout the second period and even holding +8 (26-34) in eight minutes of the term. Gerard was even able to come out a few minutes after the end, while the bank had already begun to celebrate. Despite the good performances of Briet, Robin and the efficiency of Kiril Lazarov in the 7 meter jet, the Nantais did not have the means to hold on against this PSG.

The “H” will come from a number of elements in addition to his coach Alberto Entrerrios, such as his guards Emil Nielsen and Mickaël Robin, veteran Lazarov, or Dragan Pechmalbec and David Balaguer, who will play for PSG next season. On the Parisien side, another Gérard and Nemili, Benoît Kounkoud, Yann Genty and Mikkel Hansen will have more red and blue next season. The Danish, injured and who followed the match from the stands, were nevertheless well present with the science to win this new title, this last cut for the road.

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