Victor Mete was not at the Hockey Canada gala in 2018

The former Montreal Canadian defender was on vacation in Jamaica with family and friends at the Canada Hockey Foundation gala on June 18, 2018, he said.

Mete has taken his distances from the alleged collective rape history that would have taken place on the night of June 18-19.

History has been making a lot of noise over the past few weeks and has taken another turn after the testimony of Hockey Canada leaders Scott Smith and Tom Renney over 10 days before the Ottawa Heritage Standing Committee.

The lawsuit, filed last April and since being settled at the urging of Hockey Canada, states that the eight players involved in the case were then in the Canadian Hockey League (LCH) and that some of them were members of the junior national team that had won gold at the World Championship six months earlier.

A friendly audience between Hockey Canada and the victim of all sexual aggression on the night of the gala in June 2018, in London, Ontario, the chronicle broke in the media recentlyan ecrit le native de Woodbridge, une banlieue de Toronto.

Mete then regretted only one nakakapanghinayang nuage plane above the head of all members of the 2018 national junior team since the eight presumed aggressors have not been identified.

I s’est dit deeply troubled by history and ensure its full cooperation if an investigation was detached to bring light.

Federal lawmakers seized the case recently. À la MM comparison suite. Renney and Smith, they summoned other actors affected by the case, including the three commissioners of the country’s major junior leagues, who, according to Hockey Canada, were quickly brought to the attention of allegations at the time. They will be compared at the end of July.

Parliament also voted unanimously for the opening of an independent inquiry into the management of the case by HC.

The federal government has cut back on the federation’s livelihood so that it does not meet certain requirements. In recent days, these are the long -time fans of Hockey Canada who have let them fall in anticipation of seeing a cultural change within the organization.

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