various fortunes for Chloé Paquet and Lucie Nguyen Tan at the Engie Open

Battled terrain specialist, Argentine Maria Lourdes Carlé becomes a serious contender for the final victory this Sunday 12 June.

Richard Lajusticia

Tombeuse of Chloé Paquet in just over three hours, the German, releasing the qualifiers, is the revelation of the tournament. “It’s fascinating, prolong the sporting director. His strokes, which look like telephones, are used little by little. His game is live. She returns to the court very quickly, very hard and does not calculate too much. It moves a little but the trajectories are well known. The latter will challenge a real, more experienced terrain. The Argentine Maria Lourdes Carlé “moves and varies very well. Its center of gravity is relatively low. His ability to slide is felt. »

Nguyen Tan confirmed

After finishing two matches in three sets, Lucie Nguyen Tan took place this Friday. “He is a young man we have been waiting for for almost a year. I find it much safer in his strokes. Its game is extremely well constructed: it varies, crosses and decays, knows how to put power, accelerate. She does nothing but confirm and much better than either at us, in Biarritz, ”the manager congratulated. The French finalist still in competition will face Erika Andreeva, who is “complex to play”. The Eastern player “knows how to do it all: she plays angles, finds short running balls. This is how Arnaud Benoit-Cattin looks to enter the top 100 “very quickly.”

The results

Hodzic (Q) bat Paquet (Fri, 1): 7-6, 4-6, 7-6. Carle (4) bat Albié (Fra, Q): 6-4, 6-2. Andreeva (3) bat Naito (6): 6-2, 7-6. Nguyen Tan (Fra) bat Danilina: 6-3, 6-4.

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