Valériane Ayayi-Vukosavljevic chooses to make it to the World Cup

« It will be with my daughter or not. She is too young for me to separate ». Valériane Ayayi-Vukosavljevic had predicted: it was THE condition for her to compete in the World Cup which will take place in Australia (September 22-October 1). The quadruple championne de France does not end the voyage, and-elle annoncé mercredi.

« The Federation had an attentive ear to Valériane’s wishes, but the timing was no doubt too accurate for all ad -hoc logistics to be put in place so that optimal conditions were met. ”, Justified the 27 -year -old player’s entourage in a statement.

It is well there « of a short break, after a year of a rare intensity », Pour celle qui a remporté la finale de la Coupe de France along with Basket Landes, moins de trois mois après son accouchement. « You have to know how to take your time and listen to reach her goals and the mien is locked and held in 2 words: Paris 2024! », And-elle end.

Valériane Ayayi-Vukosavljevic, who became an ambassador for high-level sports mothers since the birth of her daughter Alani at the end of January, continues to be involved in this cause she hopes to be ” a taboo subject »In our columns on April 26. « The idea is to now seriously organize with the Federation to consider the upcoming events, in the best ways, so as not to have to choose between her role as mother and athlete; for her, but also for “the following » ! ”, Exactly the communiqué finally.


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