US Montauban signs 3rd line Tyrone Viiga (Provence rugby)

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The recruitment channel is very active this June between Provence rugby and USM. After Lucas Poirson and Quentin Witt, Tyrone Viiga is the 3rd provincial player to sign in Montauban for next season. It will be the first international player in the Cook Islands, a small archipelago of the Pacific, to wear the “green and black” colors.

US Montauban supporters will have to learn to place the Cook Islands on the world map. This South Pacific state has a rugby team … and excellent players. One of them, Tyrone Viiga will wear the US Montauban jersey next season at the French Pro D2 championship. The sapiacain club officially announced this Tuesday the signing from the 2022/2023 season of Tyrone Viiga from Provence rugby. For the anecdote, he is the third Provence player to opt for USM after the signings of ace Lucas Poirson and 3rd line Quentin Witt (an experienced player with 136 Pro D2 matches).

Tyrone Viiga is an Australian of origin, born in Sydney in 1992. The impact of majeure is part of his career in the Oz Country, especially around Sydney. In 2017, he was picked up by Béziers to join the French Pro D2 championship. Soon acclimatized to her new country, she will become one of the masterpieces of the Biterrois, in 3rd line. He will also pass through the Provence Rugby box in 2020 for a 2 -year contract. In Montauban, Tyrone, 30 since June 9, will find David Aucagne and David Gérard, two coaches he has sided with on Herault’s side.

The soul of a leader

His leadership qualities are one of his main strengths, he has often been named captain in the clubs where he has passed. Over 85 against the Pro D2, and an additional 135 or haut niveau! He is also international under the Cook Islands jersey. Some 18,000 inhabitants of this paradise archipelago, renowned for its submarine diving spots, will also be able to explore Montauban on the map of France!

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