Uncontested success of the Chatenoy Rugby Club Broker

With 69 exhibitors spread out on the sides of the Charréconduit rugby field, a very busy audience throughout the day, a sun that accentuated the good mood of all, the Chatenoy Rugby Club brokers were a great surprise. instead, contrary to false information that circulated the day or the day before.

The steering team would like to thank all the exhibitors for their kindness and understanding, while setting up all this small world respecting the sports and technical facilities connected to the playing field.

The small restoration corner at buvette functioned as if it were due to the large number of people who came to pass through the stands.

Chatenoy Rugby Club closes the season with its statutory general assembly which will take place at the Chalet du stade on Friday, July 8, 2022. The opportunity to make a point on the season is over but also to launch the preliminaries of the next season. We will soon return to the new recruits and the new leadership and sports organization.

As for the youth of the School of Rugby, a tract will be held at primary schools in 2022 to encourage children to come and practice rugby, knowing that “Baby Rugby” is also being considered.

As rugby also loves to celebrate, Chatenoy Rugby Club will take part, on Sunday 26 June 2022 in the afternoon, as part of the Bodeg’Art Festival organized by Banda Desperados, hosting a mini rugby tournament at 7 or touch on the turf facing the tent.

JC Reynaud

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