Turbo Golf Racing: synchronous direct à Rocket League and golf

Through Rocket League, the earlier golf decisers and empruntants in gameplay, where the pouring of presque croire into the DLC.

Prepared to leave 4 years prochain on Xbox Series and PC, Turbo Golf Racing You propose to the pilot all a bag of customizable bolides and taper ats une balle. But a golf ball, which makes all the difference.

Rocket League and Tiger Woods entered a bar

The soft embark with several modes of play including races, point fights, or golf circuits will also allow you to pick up a variety of cars that you can pack a whole bag of cosmetics.

You can also test the game yourself since this one is actually launching within 20 June prochain on Xbox Series and PC (Steam).

Toute resemblance and Rocket League that just aren’t coincidental


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