Transit League presents the format to follow

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The president of the Transitional Professional League, Clarisse Hounzali at the press conference

As part of the upcoming launch of the professional handball championship, the Transitoire Professional League, chaired by Clarisse Hounzali, will hold a press conference on Friday, June 10, 2022, at the federation headquarters in Gbèdjromédé. It is time for this structure to organize a championship to specify the mode of operation of this activity.

What to keep: Pour this season 2022, the championship will take place in 3 phases. According to President Clarisse Hounzali, the first phase will take place by zone (zone 1 and Zone 2) from July 2 to July 16, 2022. “At that level, all the teams enrolled in each zone will face each other back and forth. It is a phase that will allow the teams to stand on their own two feet, ”said the president, who, by the time, was assisted by Kader Yarou, the treasurer general of the league and the federation. “Given that this championship is only about men and women, given that the team number is not allowed to have zones at the ladies level, this first phase will be linear between the five teams enrolled in the matches. will take place on the respective club installations, ”she added. For what is in the second phase, called the group phase, it will be an opportunity for all the teams (Zone 1 and Zone 2) to cross from August 27 to September 3, 2022, following the League calendar. Same for ladies. At the end of this phase, the first six men’s teams and the first four women’s teams will be qualified for the third phase or the play-offs that will take place from September 19 to 24, 2022. At that time of this third phase that the professional champion teams will be known.

What are the teams: For those who are the teams registered for this season’s professional championship, we note among the ladies Flowers Hbc of Cotonou, Aspac Hbc of Cotonou, Adjidja Hbc of Cotonou, Aso Modele Hbc of Porto-Novo and Flambeau of Abomey. Among the men, they are divided into two areas. In Zone 1 with aFlowers, Aspac, Adjidja, Aso Modèle; and in Zone 2, to retrouve Abo Sport, Buffles and Flambeau d’Abomey. All of these teams for this competition will be subject to the rules of this championship. What Clarisse Hounzali recalled before clarifying: “In everything, transparency is needed. The rules will not change. We are based on the model of international institutions. Professional players know what to do or not to do. We will warn against the strict application of the content of the articles of this regulation ”.

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