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Jodi Ewart Shadoff on a wheel 67 on a son troisième tour and canton de Galloway

L’Anglais Jodi Ewart Shadoff was the deux coups of leader Frida Kinhult on April 36 at the ShopRite LPGA Classic in Galloway Township, New Jersey.

Shadoff is tied for third place with Morgane Metraux with seven under, two behind Kinhult who leads the platoon after having drawn four under 67 on Saturday. Lauren Coughlin, who clinched the standings with a six -under -65 in the second round, is second.

First round manager Stephanie Kyriacou, of Australia, shot 73 shots on Saturday and is tied for 14th under 4.

Kinhult, 22, even played golf before winning four oiselets in his last 11 pitches. She played golf without a bogey in pursuit of her first LPGA win.

“The game feels pretty good and I think it fits that pattern,” she said.

“Tomorrow, everything can happen.” I can’t go out and make friends; I will have to beat myself for my birdies tomorrow and try to get a bass to get a W. ”

Jodi Ewart Shadoff is on deux de la tête and in New Jersey

Jodi Ewart Shadoff is on deux de la tête and in New Jersey

Coughlin started quickly, starting with the ninth comeback. She managed birdies on her first two holes and finished with six en route to a flawless tour. Her biggest challenge was to keep her emotions under control while she gripped the rankings.

“I tried not to have the air of the best I could,” Coughlin said. “You know, I tend to be a little nervous when I look and see that I’m going well. Now, it really does. Today, everything finally clicked and the shots began to enter. »

Lydia Ko also scored 65 in the second round, rising evenly for fifth place, three shots behind the leaders. She pulled in 71 in her first round.

“In fact, I didn’t play badly yesterday. I think I made a lot of mistakes and I had a lot of coins in hand and I had the impression of letting the tour be very mediocre, so I was a little disappointed, ”Ko said.

“Today I have been very patient and I have rolled very well, so I hope to keep this distance for tomorrow. »

Lydia Ko is three strokes from leader Frida Kinhult

Lydia Ko is three strokes from leader Frida Kinhult

The United States is clinging to victory in the Curtis Cup

Amari Avery won two more matches Saturday to help the United States take an eight-and-a-half-year advance over Britain and Ireland in the Curtis Cup, with eight matches in a single scheduled for Sunday. Merion Golf Club.

Avery is 4-0 in four-ball and four-ball games. The 18-year-old teamed up with Megha Ganne to beat Hannah Darling at Annabell Fuller 2 at 1 in the morning’s four-ball session and joined Rachel Kuehn in the afternoon’s quarters for a two-match win. Amelia Williamson and Emily Price.

“You always have to wait for any close and difficult match,” Avery said. “Honestly, I love it. I never wanted it to be that easy. I want to beat myself hard for my victory. »

Emilia Migliaccio and Latanna Stone did not contribute to the meeting in États-Unis and the matinée, Charlotte Heath and Louise Duncan 1 place.

Caley McGinty and Lauren Walsh didn’t receive a point and then Great Britain and l’Irlande, battant Kuehn and Jensen Castle 5 and 4 in quatre balles and divisant par deux with Rachel Heck and Rose Zhang in quatuors.

“We’ve always said we want the other to play well, and the one who manages the most birdies will carry it,” Walsh said. “We support them down there. It was a great match. We were happy to be able to do a show. »

Darling et Fuller offers Great Britain and Ireland, Castle and Stone 2 and 1 in four.

Honor the conclusion of the Shoprite LPGA Classic and the Curtis Cup and designed directly with Sky Sports Golf. Watch the Curtis Cup and live on Sunday from 12:30 on the YouTube channel Sky Sports Golf and the action of the LPGA Tour directly via the red button from 5:30 p.m.

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