Toulon, Magne, a Wallaby in Biarritz, Bayonne … Latest rugby transfers info

Australian international Joe Tomane, passing through Montpellier or Leinster, will play in Pro D2 with Biarritz next year. (© Icon Sport)

Biarritz s’offre to international australien in 17 selections

Si le Biarritz Olympiquerelégué en Pro D2, sa loob ng 20 joueurs dont l’excellent center Francis Saili, ang club basque at réussi le tour de force d’attirer ats ses filets l’Australien Joe Tomane. At 32, he wore the Wallabies jersey 17 times, even playing in a 2015 World Cup match in England.

Pouvant aussi dépanner à l’aile, Tomane, who played for 2 years in Montpellier between 2016 and 2018, came to the origin of the Japanese club of the Black Rams of Tokyo. The player paraphrased a two -year contractand is therefore linked to the BOPB until June 2024.

Toulouse. Thibaud Flament lingered

Le Stade Toulousain officially extended this Wednesday, June 8, 2022, the contract extension of its second or third international line Thibaud Flament. This one, aged 25 and selected 7 times with the XV from France (he won the Grand Chelem 2022 in particular), is now linked with the high-garonnais club until June 2026.

Bayonne. Towards the arrival of Montpelliérain Mickael Capelli?

After having climbed in the Top 14, correlating Mont-de-Marsan in the access final, Bayonne hangs on to the pursuit of his recruitment. According to Midi Olympique, the Basque club would be interested in the arrival of Montpelliérain Mickaël Capelli. The second line is still under contract with MHR until June 2023, but discussions are progressing in a positive way and Around is expected to close this contract year.

Hair would be a nice addition to the Bayonne pack, which sees in particular Mariano Galarza taking his retirement. The arrival of Montpelliérain (he has only played 10 matches this season) will be a strong sign of the attraction of the Basque club, which has already engaged Maxime Machenaud (Racing 92), Camille Lopez (Clermont), Facundo Bosch (La Rochelle), Quentin Béthune (Paris), Bastien Pourailly (Clermont), and also ranked among good Pro D2 players such as Huguet (Carcassonne) and Leindekar (Oyonnax).

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Toulon. Romain Poite in the staff

Romain Poiteinternational referee (he led the 2011, 2015 and 2019 World Cup matches) who has just put an end to his career, will change into costume and endorse that of ‘specialized coach, in charge of discipline and contact attitude in Toulon. The RCT officially announced its arrival this Tuesday, signaling the signing of a two -year contract.

“It is a great opportunity for me to complement this wonderful staff endowed with many excellence and expertise, but also an opportunity to pursue my rugby passion in a new approach. This will allow me to complete my already pléthoric expertise with a lot of humility and motivation, ”said the 46-year-old.

Olivier Magne coach in Lyon

L’ancien troisième ligne international (90 selections), Olivier Magnewhose name circulated on the side of the Niçois Stadium, had just engaged in favor of the club of Lyon, who postponed the last Challenge Cup. The one who coached France U20 or Brive will be in charge until next season des Espoirs du LOUthus following Cédric Béal.

«You choose LOU because it is certainly one of the best structured clubs in France or Europe. […] I want to date excellent rugby players but also citizens connected to the company. The challenges for this Espoirs team will be to find the joy of victory after a difficult season, ”Magne, 49, said in a statement.

Stade Français. End of career pour Antoine Burban

The French Stadiumwho officialized his recruitment for the coming season, also confirmed the retirement of his 3e line Antoine Burban, who has pursued his entire professional career within the Capital club. Champion de France in 2007 and 2015, the natif of Neuilly-sur-Seine and été capé à 4 reprises, and the Stade Français lui at rendu hommage avec une bien belle vidéo.

Besides Antoine Burban, 10 other players will not be wearing the Parisian colors next season: Quentin Béthune (Bayonne), Tolu Latu, Lucas Da Silva (Brive), Yoann Maestri (retiree), Talalelei Gray (Grenoble), Loïc Godener (Clermont) , Charlie Francoz (Biarritz), Will Percillier (prêt Vannes), Waisea (Toulon), Adrien lapègue (Provence Rugby).

Oyonnax. Deux takes the officers

Oyonnax, beaten in the Pro D2 semi-finals by Bayonne, officialed his first two recruits for the 2022-2023 exercise. This is the left pillar of Vannes, Antoine Abraham (27 years), as well as from the second line of Brive, Victor Lebas (29 to 9 June 2022).

The two men signed 2 -year contracts with the Ain Club.

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