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Pour chane de tlvision chinoise CGTN, the pre de l’attaquant de Tottenham Heung-min Son and encourage the son to leave the club londonien on the occasion of cemercato d’t. What puts the fire at the Spurs?

Heung-min Son is having a XXL season with Tottenham!

The Tottenham star doesn’t represent the great Harry Kane, from Heung-min Son! There are 23 but with scores in 35 Premier League matches, all of them ahead of rgularit and russi porter son quipe justqu ‘la 4e placedu championnat anglais.

More and more prolific in the big matches, the number 7 of the Spurs continued to progress to shine in a logical way. How many arguments would a 29 -year -old player want to stay in London for?

The brilliant exit of the Pre de Son

This is not in any case the opinion of his pre. Interrogated by Chinese CGTN, Woon-jung Son encouraged his son to leave Tottenham this year for the sake of his career. He must work harder and make more progress. If he is satisfied with what he has accomplished maintenance, the crisis is on the way. He must always try to do better to stay in good shape, don’t you find? Instead of being happy to stay it is, I always want it to be 10% better. He scored a lot of goals this year, but that doesn’t mean he’ll do the same thing next yearfirst explains the pre of Son.

Only those who remain prts can survive the hardships. He must face everything with a prudent spirit and must not allow himself to be too proud. He should be able to play an important role in one of the best clubs in the world. That is when he will become a world class player. As I dj said, he has to do 10% better on all fronts to achieve this goaland then he insisted.

Is there danger in Tottenham?

Words that could jeopardize the Spurs ’ct, while striker Antonio Conte counts forcibly on his offensive line, which has cumul28 goals and 10 pass dcisives all competitions confounding the last exercise, for next season. In this case, President Daniel Levy, always very firm on the march of transfers, risks in any case imposing his will thanks to the contract of the native of Chuncheon just in June 2025. But aprs Kane l’t last, Tottenham a new leaflet would pass well …

According to you, Heung-min Should he leave Tottenham this time? Don’t try to get out and get into the area Add a comment The


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