To a sign & trade by Deandre Ayton? At least 5 franchises interested?

It rarely passes a few days without anyone hearing talk of Deandre Ayton, one of the hottest files in free gency. Recall that the Suns pivot will be a restricted free agent since he had not reached an agreement with the franchise before the start of the season for an extension. I wanted the maximum that the franchisee was not willing to offer him, and in the position and not to change comme son agent l’a affirmé récemment. The Bahamians want the max, and if the Suns don’t offer it, they’ll look elsewhere to get it.

And if we believe the latest information from Marc Stein, he murmured more and more that the Suns had to engage in discussions for a sign & trade of the interior. There are probably several franchises that would already be potentially interested in the interior, the Spurs, the Raptors, the Blazers, the Pistons or even the Hawks. But if Phoenix is ​​ready to negotiate a sign & trade, the number of holders could increase.

James Jones had to know at the end of the season that the Suns did not really prepare to pay the luxury tax, but in this case it would be a very strange choice to leave from a first draft choice, which, even if it does not fail the baraque since his draft, is an essential element of their team.

Remind them however that they will have what it takes to be the last word on the file, and they could see what they can get in exchange to decide whether to keep it or not Ayton, which should not be too bad to get. the max elsewhere.


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