“This is the new Kevin Durant, he will become MVP and win a lot of titles”

How has your success with Kevin Durant been? According to a legend of the game, the answer is yes and the lucky winner would already be in the league. His future will be announced by other radio stations… It must be said that he is currently battling for the title!

2021-22 will definitely be a rich rebonding season for Jayson Tatum. It had indeed started very badly, as the Celtics were still out of the Top 10 in the East as January hit its fullest. The sailor and his crew, however, retreated, in part because the interested party put the double caps. As a result, he finished the regular campaign with very good averages: 27 points, 8 rebounds and more than 4 passes per match.

With that momentum, the Massachusetts men had to keep it as long as possible given that they are now in the Finals against the Warriors, after having notably outscored the champions Bucks in the conference semi-finals. The series is currently 2-2, after the Dubs equalized thanks to in Steph Curry stratospheric at Game 4. In passing, the C’s thus lose the advantage of the land they had acquired in advance.

Tracy McGrady dithyrambique to Jayson Tatum

Contrary to popular belief, the future is still being announced as radio for the former Duke product that takes on a bit more like the science player franchise every day. The former glories of the league are in any case under her charm, begins with Tracy McGrady. Interrogated by NBC Sportsthe Hall of Famer and the tari of éloges sur le bonhomme, lui prédisant carrément une suite de carrière des plus all-time, à l’image d’une superstar du moment!

I think it could be really good. He speaks of a statute to the Kevin Durant. I think the game has the potential to be just as good as him. He is already showing signs in his young NBA career. If you can have the capacity for adding titres and your avenir proche, the NBA MVP. I sincerely think he has this ability.

The comparison is also prestigious in that it puts a lot of pressure on the edges of No. 0, because there is talk of one of the best 3 posts to have ever covered a floor. Legendary score when it is still a few years ahead of him, the Slim Reaper is almost unstoppable and has accumulated trophies en masse since its debuts. It can include his two championship wings accompanied by two Finals MVPs, as well as the 2013-14 regular season best player trophy.

Seen as that, the series that took place between Boston and Brooklyn or the first round with a flurry of flaming torches, the homes of Ime Udoka savagely swept the New York superteam (4-0). While Tatum shone a thousand flames with notably a game winner and Game 1, KD was fully committed to launching one of its few post-season campaigns in a career. Remains now to confirm for the St. Louis native. Nothing more, comme on dit.

Tracy McGrady is persuaded, Jayson Tatum has what will be imposed as the new reference to his post in the years to come. Pulling a ring sa 2021-22 would in any case be an excellent grimper medium in the hierarchy.

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