this is clear to Christophe Galtier and staff

The revolution awaited at PSG … is awaited. It has now been several weeks since Luis Campos began the process of launching a new era. The premieres interact with the fellow target players, put in place the new structure, and, forcibly, nominate their first coach. Unless it touches on the subject, in particular because of Qatar’s portrayal of Zinedine Zidane.

The sequel after this announcement

As we have announced, Luis Campos’s priority is Christophe Galtier, always stationed in Nice, but far from being in the mood for sanctity on the English promenade. But that doesn’t stop the PSG football coach, as his official title, from hiring other coaches, just in case. The photo of a meeting with Massimiliano Allegri was taken recently.

Sacramento to the Galtier staff

According to our information, it was a good approach from PSG, especially since the Italian coach had seemed interested in a discussion. Talakayan which has not unfolded on nothing concrete. As a result, Galtier is again at the top of the list, for Luis Campos (precision of importance) and a boulevard in front of him to take in hand the destination of Paris Saint-Germain.

He will obviously not be alone in this heavy task and Luis Campos has planned to add quality assistants. According to our information, João Sacramento is supposed to accompany Galtier to Paris. The two men have already collaborated in Lille. Coming in 2017 and in the Nord, il avait quitté le club in November 2019 and rejoined Mourinho at Tottenham, then in Rome. Before emancipating last January. Other deputies will be added to Galtier’s staff, which is starting to take shape. Slightly flat, however, PSG have not yet contacted Nice about the French coach.

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