The world of rugby cries Jo Suc who marked with his imprint his passage the Rugby club of Brives-Charensac

Arriving on the tip of the foot, Jo Suc left an indelible mark during his passage to Rugby Club Brives-Charensac as a player, then leader. The 71 -year -old rugby player was taken ill last week. He leaves behind him two boys, a girl, and seven young children.

He was driving behind Ixia, his cow

Joseph Suc was also a well -known and appreciated figure in the rural area. Team leader at France Lames in Monistrol-sur-Loire, he also dedicates his life to his farm business, at his home, in Saint-Julien-du-Pinet. The pillar or second line landed in Brives-Charensac in the early 1990s, from the Lavoûte-sur-Loire club, where he was president, coach and player. In 1997, there was a photo prize for photographer Luc Olivier, entitled to “Une” by presse locale … and nationale. He was about to train rugby, pushing behind Ixia, his cow. Reprinted by Canal + or Voici et Gala, this unsightly image created by Jo, a real local star. With RCBC, he wrote the most beautiful pages in the history of the club, passing close to a climb in Federal 3.

“It was a mountain of kindness and goodness. I was respected, it was a force of nature, but he kept a childish spirit, he wanted to live. ”

Jean-Christophe Peatier (his former co -worker)

Witnessing his performances on rollers, applauded by all over the Louis-Exbrayat Stadium. “I was a great humanity. Whether it was rugby or in his pocket, he was always 100 % involved, ”added the president of Rugby Club Brives-Charensac. Jo Suc has marked several generations. As a symbol, he handed the jerseys to the brivo rugbymen this season, in their last win against Lempdes, on April 24.
“In 2011, he had come to turn, at the age of 60, in reserve for honorary promotion and he had even made a mark! Recalls Aurélien Sarret, pillar in Brives. All the leaders of the club who are on his side are drowning in punishment. «In a perdu un grand ami, un grand dirigeant. He was right and appreciated by all the auvergnats clubs, ”says Christian Cubizolles. For Dominique Veyre, “it was somebody, he never showed us that he was wrong. It brought together all the qualities of a great volunteer. ”
The cemeteries of Jo Suc took place this Monday, in Saint-Julien-du-Pinet. He is about to join his friend “Milou” Rancon, who disappeared last year. In 2010, both set foot from Mortessagne, in Saint-Julien-du-Pinet, to rally the Place de Jaude to embrace the first Brennus shield in the history of ASM, their favorite club.

Lucas Jacquet


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