The virage client of Hockey Québec

Appointed General Manager of Hockey Québec in Autumn 2021, Jocelyn Thibault qualifies this current general assembly for the organization that captures Quebec minor hockey. And surtout, the DG explained the consideration of the reorganization and the modernization of Hockey Québec in feront de manière réfléchie and ordonnée.

It will take the time it takes, but we will do it the right répété.

The nine orientations at some 190 solution tracks recently formulated by the Government Committee on the Future of Quebec hockey will therefore not be deployed tomorrow morning. First of all, we need to establish values ​​and a clear plan that HQ will then be able to implement and measure consistently to maintain high quality standards, said Jocelyn Thibault.

This general assembly, strongly stimulating, was at once an enviable observation of the situation in which Quebec hockey finds a call for innovation and the creation of a form of Hockey Québec 2.0.

Pouring to explain her vision for the future, Jocelyn Thibault asked regional representatives to imagine in a shareholders’ meeting a risk capital fund that would study the possibility of investing in hockey Québec.

What is the performance of Hockey Quebec? And is there a chance for growth? Is the enterprise productive? And is its product good? Is the product avant-garde?

In this fictitious investor role, Jocelyn Thibault believes he would want to miserable Hockey Quebec.

% de nos clients au cours des 15dernières années”,”text”:”Le hockey fait partie du tissu social québécois. On ne fait rien et le hockey est dans les médias et sur les réseaux sociaux tous les jours. Nous sommes partout! Je pense qu’il y a de l’avenir dans notre marché. J’y crois. Par contre, nous avons perdu 20% de nos clients au cours des 15dernières années”}}”>Hockey is part of the Quebec social fabric. Nothing is done and hockey is in the media and on social networks every day. We are everywhere! I think there is already a future in our market. J’y crois. On the other hand, we have lost 20 % of our customers over the last 15 yearshe recalled.

In 2007-2008, approximately 100 000 players practiced hockey au Québec. It does not count more than 81,000 this season.

Before launching into any new measure that is, it is fundamental to know why we have lost so many members, estimated DG de Hockey Québec. An extensive behavioral study was therefore conducted at the HEC sports management department in order to understand what young people and families like about their minor hockey experience and what irritates them.

Soccer Québec, which is also at the heart of an important reform, had conducted a similar study the last auto with theInternational Observatory on the Management of the Sport of lLaval University.

This information is as important for federations as it is for censuses for governments. There are tens of thousands of members and volunteers on the field. We need to know what they are waiting for if we want to fill them up.

I believe a lot in studies and scientific companionship. It is very important to understand our market as well as the development of the player from a sporting point of view. It is necessary to be scientifically accompanied by specialistsbelieves Jocelyn Thibault.

While the picture will be clear enough, the DG aspires to make Hockey Québec a federation that will become a reference in federated sport – not only in Quebec, but everywhere around the world.

ans et dans 15ans?”,”text”:”C’est névralgique. Pouvons-nous prendre les prochains mois et la prochaine année pour nous asseoir en famille et réfléchir à comment on pourrait révolutionner notre domaine et devenir une fédération de référence? Sommes-nous capables, ensemble, de réfléchir pour savoir comment on peut être différents et meilleurs dans 10ans et dans 15ans?”}}”>It’s neutral. Can we take the next month and next year for us to meet as a family and reflect on whether we can revolutionize our field to become a federation of reference? Are we able, together, to reflect to know how we can be different and better in 10 years and 15 years?

Before talking about the need for innovation, regional representatives had seen excerpts from an interview with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. The latter would suggest that his company focuses obsessively on its customers rather than on its competitors.

This vision applies equally to usa plaidé Jocelyn Thibault.

Another video, this time starring Reed Hastings (co-CEO and founder of Netflix), brought up the discussion in another field.

Hastings explained that on Netflix, the code of conduct of employees is summed up to do what is in the higher interests of the company (the rule has no rules). Employees are therefore free to take vacations when they feel the need and do not have an allocation of pre -arranged expenses.

The founder of Netflix also supported that his employees are encouraged to openly express their disagreements because it allows to correct errors committed by the company. And he insisted on the fact that, in our day, business leaders should inspire their employees rather than manage them.

Jocelyn Thibault hopes Hockey Québec also takes a step towards flexibility. He believes that minor hockey is too regulated that it has night in its dynamism.

We are too restrictive. Hockey Canada the sait and nous le savons. If we want to change direction, there must be fewer rules. […] Employees and people in the regions must be listened to. You have to open the books and share the informationdit-il.

Thus, minor hockey intervenors doivent changer leur état d’esprit. Hockey Québec has to adapt to the fact that Québec changes, that values ​​change and that families no longer have the same expectations until they are 40 years old.

There is no need to wait after people to enroll their children in hockey. And he no longer has to have a player or a player to acquire. This is the end of time and it is an indescribable fact that one must understand. It is therefore necessary to make hockey practice more attractive, more inclusive and more accessible.

In general, it must offer a better customer experience. That’s where everyone plays. And we must avoid an attractive brand image and adapt our communication strategiesplea Jocelyn Thibault.

In an ideal world, Hockey Québec’s new strategic plan will be deployed in time for the 2023-2024 season. But it is not fixed in the cement. It will take the time it takesa répété Jocelyn Thibault.

Meanwhile, in order for the machine to start running as fast as possible, a new department responsible for the growth and mobilization of regions and associations will be set foot in Hockey Québec in time for the start of next season.

Since his arrival in office, the new director general said he noted that communication between the headquarters and the regions should be more fluid and constant and, above all, that there should essentially be a fair sharing of best practices between the associations.

Building unity is important. This new service will be somewhat like our customer service. This person will become the new best friend of the people who work in the fieldedited by Jocelyn Thibault.

The tone is given.

Even before the plan was seen, it was clear that Quebec hockey would undergo profound transformations.

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