The truth has fallen for Jaxson Hayes

Tuesday in Los Angeles, Jaxson Hayes, arrested July 28, 2021 for conjugal violence and aggression against law enforcement, was sentenced to 3 years probation (probation with probation), 450 hours of general interest work (which he could perform elsewhere than in LA) and 1 year of weekly courses on domestic violence (which he chose to take effect online). He will also have to incur a financial loss, the amount of which remains to be fixed. In all, 12 indictment leaders planned against him, from vandalism to aggression (on several occasions) and seizure on his little friend, through assault and stabbing and injuries to police.

The main charge held against him corresponds to the arrival of the police (called at 3 am) or the home of his little friend. While Hayes waited in front of the house, officers asked him to return. The pivot did not want to and was physically interrupted to avoid the intrusion he allegedly wanted. Police then used a taser to calm Hayes. An investigation into these facts was also conducted based on a video filmed at the time of the facts. In addition, officers were seen seizing Hayes by force and the Hayes clan also filed complaints for abusive use of force. He and an agent were found at the hospital.

via ESPN

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