The tennis opener threatened in Vannes? – Vannes

At his general assembly held last weekend, Erick Deleau, president of the Vannes Ménimur tennis club (VMTC). hindi pa natatapos ang caché que le padel (two tracks newly inaugurated), is today the latest pleasure in fashion. It is a tennis -derived racquet sport, played on a smaller court, framed with walls and grills.

“We roll to play” exactly Erick Deleau. No license to sign today, but next time with the officialization of a Padel section within the French Tennis Federation, things will change.

100 to 150 new licensors?

“Today, we praise the tracks at the right time and it is a huge success,” the president added. “An engagement that could make the club come between 100 and 150 new licensors at the end of September” observed Anthony Rio, and the fee for the formation of the youth at the club. The paddle, a miracle resource for a club? Why not “unless our licensors can combine the two licenses, tennis at paddle, at very competitive prices” adds Erick Deleau.

The open in sursis?

The future of the Open remains. Erick Deleau, who has made his board (30 editions on his shoulders!), Finds no spontaneous candidacy to take over. “Right now, it’s on stand-by at club level. We will undoubtedly lose the acronym CNGT (National Circuit of Grand Tournaments) to return to a more classic tournament, ”concluded the latter.

Sports balance and site security

By the way, the general assembly will have permission to make a sporting point, but also to project towards the future. On the first point “our results are not up to the standards of the club, especially at the youth level, even if we have found executives according to COVID (440 licenses after having lost 150).

Pour the second, it is a relief to finally have the site soon secured before early July. Finally, the re-surfacing of the lands will offer the adherents a completely new complex. Two operations that will cost at least between 20 and 30,000 € o maiaambag vannetais.

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