The Tennis club of Questembert will blow up the 100 candles Saturday, June 18 – Questembert

Questembert Tennis club is one of the oldest sports associations. Créé in 1922, the soufflera has 100 bougies and 18 juin. He had good hours and had 140 followers, under the auspices of co -presidents Michaële Guhéo and Joël Triballier.

“We are one of the first five tennis club associations in Brittany,” said Joël Triballier. Ten presidents succeeded in his mantle. Juliette Soulaine, born in November 1902, was one of the first morbihanna women to practice competitive tennis. She won the Damgan Tournament in 1923.

Festivities organized on Saturdays

On Saturday, June 18, in addition to an open tournament where many animations are on the menu. A dinner will close the festivities with all the seniors, attendees and alumni players and players who have passed through the club. A large exhibition presented to the public to discover the main lines of the life of the club.

The current bureau consists of Michaële Gueho and Joël Triballier, co -presidents; Yolande Jézou, secretary; Fanny Le Rouzic, Deputy Secretary; Romain Talem, treasurer and Sébastien Nogre, deputy treasurer.

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