the staff is preparing for the climb in Federal 1 with a very tight budget to wrap up

After a rich, full, historic season, the Barbot club reaches the highest amateur level. Now, it has to deal with infrastructure, land and budget obligations. The latter is a reality that will not go without posing problems to the president. “Our budget of 400,000 euros must be increased by 250,000 euros to align with federal obligations. ». To this day nothing is valid. “We do not have the means to deal with the sole help of the Gujan-Mestras municipality who will accompany us on the evolution of infrastructure to make an effort on the subsidy. »

Support the partnership and the private

The president turned to the electorate of the intercommunality. “Unlike our friends and neighbors Testerins, we can’t claim any intercommunal help because community regulation doesn’t allow it. So, to face it, the club has no choice but to work on increasing the partnership budget. “Everything is to support our loyal partners and the club d’entreprises of the Barbot Business Club”, continued the president. Another track explored, the private partnership. “We’re going to put up an online trailer and a demonstration with individuals and our loyal supporters who want to help us financially and offer them some advantages in return,” Charles Couradjut confirmed. “It will be a small budget, it should allow us to face it for next season. It would be a waste to reduce without fail the investment and the work of the staff and the group that allowed us to go through a new trend. »

Next season with a stunted band

The goal is to keep the group, it has already acquired two or three exceptions close. “We have to recruit about twenty players for the two senior teams, but still remain as part of our project that supports the youth. The technical staff is also in the process of drafting after the arrest of Jean-Marc Lanne-Petit, the coach. The resumption of training is expected to take place in July for a first match on September 11. The chicken will be official in early July. “We hope it will be a strong regional dimension. For this new season, the club’s goal is to maintain amateur values ​​and maintain themselves. To continue to develop the rugby school at women’s rugby within the Arcachon Basin women’s Rugby, where the cadet team is on its way to the final to put on foot a senior team.

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