The shocking revelation of Anthony Davis that angers Lakers fans

Coming out of his worst season under the Lakers jersey, Anthony Davis should logically redouble his efforts this time of year. Well, he has just delivered a huge admission on his preparation that is setting fire to the fanbase of his franchise!

After the title was won by the Lakers in 2020, many observers thought that he would soon take the reins of the franchise, and impose himself like one of, if not the best player in the league. Since, Anthony Davis a rather tendency à décevoir. Between repetitive injuries and long-awaited performances, the interior stars more than one. And he did not arrange his last hours.

Repos completed, Anthony Davis collaborates with fans

Absent at 42 times and abandoned by its foreign address this season, AD must once again find physical solidity at a level worthy of that name this summer. The logic would therefore be that he no longer counts the hours spent in the room. From passing and a recent VLOG of Nuke Squad, Unibrow and cependant released a surprising aveu, revolting in the eyes of some!

I haven’t restrained myself over time… it has reached April 5th.

If you don’t have to shoot Davis, it’s a surprise force. No matter what basketball lover, even an amateur single, it would be bad to show off for a long period of time as well. This is explained nonetheless in the case of big man angelino.

Indeed, the latter revealed in an old press conference that he still allowed his body to regenerate for a good month at the end of each season, before six weeks had passed since he was physically fit. It is only after that he resumes his basketball activities. A fairly single program, which obviously did not receive a very good welcome on the board:

Pour moi, c’est alarmant. Going 2 months without trying would not be just one shot after your most depressing season in years, it should make you mad. Especially knowing that your shooting was horrible all season. It seems that Anthony Davis stopped beating himself after winning a title.

Looking forward to the turn of next season, Anthony Davis respects his usual preparation far from being to the taste of some fans. Let’s hope he doesn’t regret this last one in the coming months!

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