The serenity of Cayden Primeau

Thus, the Canadian school club wins, it advances and, against all odds, now finds a single victory in the Calder Cup final in the American League with a 3-3 draw.

Monday night in Massachusetts, Jean-François Houle’s troupe recorded and got a convincing 5-1 apparently, but really, there was only the third most satisfying period for the Lavallois in this match. And victory, well understood.

He played a war of attrition in this duel, six in nine days since the start of the East final against the Springfield Thunderbirds. It’s a lot.

Fatigue at first seemed to catch the homes of Jean-François Houle early in the match. Lent, a little hesitant, the Rocket only generated a little bit of curtain. Primeau has been solid on a few Thunderbirds occasions.

The Rockets had opted for a formula of 11 attackers and 7 defenders, a strategy that became prevalent when Jesse Ylönen fell into battle after 20 minutes. With only a dozen attackers, one could prevent the point of rupture.

This was the moment chosen by Primeau. With an Olympian calm, the guard repulsed all the assaults, some of which were frankly dangerous. Among other things, we think of this opportunity of Hugh McGing directly at the enclave after a vilain revival of Corey Schueneman and even more so of this escape of Will Bitten who was blotting behind Xavier Ouellet and Louie Belpedio to receive a lob of a big address.

The choice of the seventh tour of 2017 du Tricolore and closed the door. A few seconds later, Danick Martel took advantage of defender Tommy Cross to open the brand.

The counterparts were immediate.

He changed the momentum of the match completelyan estimate Gabriel Bourque.

We were never disturbed afterwardsan ajouté Primeau.

The calm of the guard is no longer to be demonstrated. He has that same impression of unwavering confidence that comes from him when he is in full mastery. Not without recall, on the other hand, another door of the CH, even more famous, but whose name we pick up here for fear that we compare them directly. This is obviously not the case.

In front of his net, Primeau had the air of a rock on Monday and, apparently, the head coach was impressed by the applause of his group. By their calm.

I liked the way we were serene behind the bench. The guys believed. I’m very happy with tonight’s matcha laissé tomber Houle.

I told him after the second [période]he should not panic, but stay in our matcha lancé Danick Martel, auteur de deux buts.

« We will repeat and repeat: [Primeau] always keep us in the match. This is a guy who is really focused on winning. He wants to win. He gives us a chance at every party. One can ask for nothing better. It proves to some extent that it is extremely good. He has achieved his level of play in series. »

A quote from Danick Martel, on the proposal of Cayden Primeau

It has nothing to say. His stay in Montreal this winter could have been enough to demolish. With only a 12 -game win to retire from the match 3 times, he presented impressive statistics that seemed far from the promising goalkeeper once interviewed.

There are not only his teammates who must be comfortable in front of his acrobatics, and high direction as well.

He himself is not of the type to excel.

I feel good, I see the rondelles well. That’s all I could askor he laconiquately explained after the meeting about his good attire.

Because after all hockey is a team game. And we insist a lot on this concept among the walls of the charming MassMutual Center.

Undoubtedly, Primeau still managed 30 stops in the meeting. It was only the second time in 13 games that the team allowed fewer than 32 launchers.


Here’s the biggest statistical anomaly of this series that, let’s be honest, has probably kept the Rocket alive so far.

Les Thunderbirds ont été blanchis sa 29 na okasyon at avantage numérique. They made white cabbage four more times on Monday. They did however show a 38 % efficiency rate with the advantage of one man before crossing the Lavallois.

Veteran Gabriel Bourque was at the heart of the success of the digital disadvantage unit. The Quebecs blocked a number of launchers and ended up with a large number of attacks by rivals thanks to their defensive flair and combativity.

On garde ça simple, an explicit Martel. His guards are locked in our area. Bourque et [Alex] Belzile blocks rondelles enormously.

Fatigue could be an issue, especially with attackers overwhelmed by the Ylönen injury. And will there be enough energy on Wednesday night?

We hope there will be more juice. I like playing with seven defenders. It gives our best players the opportunity to have more ice and the whole world to ship. Unless it makes a lot of matches in a few days. We have to manage our energya fait valoir Houle.

There will be no training on Tuesdays, but players will go to the arena to break their legs as a family and participate in some team meetings. Where the atmosphere is in frank camaraderie, we would swear.

fun sur la glace. Ça va être la même chose au prochain match. On est contents d’être ici, on va travailler, se présenter et juste avoir plaisir à jouer au hockey”,”text”:”On est sur la route, on n’a pas de pression. Les gars avaient du fun sur la glace. Ça va être la même chose au prochain match. On est contents d’être ici, on va travailler, se présenter et juste avoir plaisir à jouer au hockey”}}”>She is on the road, she has no pressure. The guys had you fun on the ice. Pinili ni Ça va être la même ang au next match. Its contents to be here, we are going to work, present ourselves and just have fun playing hockeyisang ajouté l’entraîneur.

From the excitement of the American League semi-finals in a seventh match. The club-école has not had a dispute de duel ultime in 11 years, au même stade de la compétition d’ailleurs.

An invaluable experience for all who participate. And that, in itself, is a victory.

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