The Rugby Club of Sète is well part of the four best teams in France

The Sétois defeated Pouyastruc (23-19) on Sunday, June 12 in the quarterfinals of Honor.

The adventure continues. This Sunday, on the turf of Laroque d’Olmes’s Lopez-Tramezaygues Stadium, the seven-time rugby players signed their 21st victory in so many encounters this season. It was in the quarterfinals of the France Honneur Championship and so they were in the last national square.

John Ragno and Mouss Amakrane are in demies.
Ysée Amar

Hard drive for Espinosa

A match that will not remain among the best of the season. But maybe with a more coherent arbitration, at the height of the event, the issue would have been more glorious… “There may have been too much stress, too much pressure”, study Bruno Ruiz . “On est chauvins, mais on a l’impression qu’on nous a sifflés normally and que n’a pas été le cas en face …” Mahirap and effectively justify the red card in the presence of Morgan Espinosa. A sacred blow, moreover, for the RC Sète as for the player, whose season may be over.


It is always the case that, as this season has already arrived, the Sétois have made it through all obstacles. With two tests by Wolff and Aigoin, and Amakrane’s patte, they did not win. “We made a difference at the end of the match,” continued the star coach. “But they didn’t come only once in our 22 meters in the second half. We had the presses, but the whistle blows came back to us and we had to rebuild the road. So yes, it wasn’t a big deal. It wasn’t RC Sète who beat Le Pontet in the previous round. end of match. “

John Ragno can exclaim, he and the people are coming to sign the 21st!

John Ragno can exclaim, he and the people are coming to sign the 21st!
Ysée Amar

An old acquaintance for the semi-finals

Over the course of the season, Bruno Ruiz had told Sigean La Nouvelle that he was the most talented opponent of the hen. The man knows rugby. It is actually against the Audois that the RC Sète will compete in its semi-final on June 19. Any good news? “Eux or others, it’s tough at this stage. They are part of the four best teams in France … We know each other very well but, our advantage, is that we beat them twice. I I think the players will recover, as they always do after an average match. “

Without any doubt. Because this 21st victory is not the goal and that the Sites will not be ripped off as long as they do not scratch the number 23 on their roadmap.

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