The Rocket in series: “You can see them cracking under the pressure” – Tobie Bisson

They are defended so well that it shocks their determination. They were miserable to see themselves. We can see them cracking under pressurelet Rosemère’s back fall to see if Laval seemed to win the psychological battle in the Eastern American League final.

That being said, a bit like Jeremy Roenick was openly asked in the media where it was Patrick Roy in the third game of the Blackhawks-Avalanche series in 1996, probably by undoing his athletic support [jock, en anglais] from the ceiling of the United Centerhe had suggested.

Roy to answer then he could not understand what Jeremy was saying being given [qu’il] he had his two Stanley Cup wings stuck in his ears.

Enrico Ciccone, then a member of the Hawks before becoming a member of the National Assembly, had already confided in Roenick on the question.

He had just bought us the Stanley Cup, the great defender had said when he had been spoken to. The Avalanche had won the next three matches and the series …

But well, we get stuck, a lot of history and we understand that it is not here nor of the same enigma, nor of the same issue.

One would still like to report Bisson’s remarks to the Thunderbirds, but it must be limited to find the least trace of the adversary’s media availability here. Not in customs and traditions, even if there were good boys in the rivals, to Charlie Lindgren… a few less sympathetic, to name a few.

The bad journalists, therefore, could not put into the fire a pinch of words that others would judge anodin what, in fact, is best for them (the journalists).

The Bisson and toutefois semblé identifier is an important element. The Thunderbirds applied a lot of pressure during the first half of the meeting and had many and occasions to mark the quality that Laval did in the sixth match Monday night.

Cayden Primeau remained on ice in front of his net just as luck turned to Danick Martel for the first goal of the encounter. Subsequently, Springfield continued to shoot, but without much conviction, as they would have believed, morale may have been plunged by another evening without marking a digital advantage (0 out of 4), bringing the total to a hallucinatory 0 to 29 since the start of the series, who converted 38 % of their chances during the first two eliminating rounds.

So, physical war on the ice, yes, war of exhaustion, without a doubt, and psychological war fueled by the confidence of Bisson, a speech in part suffixed by the pilot himself.

« The pressure is totally on their board. »

A quote from Jean-François Houle, head coach of the Rocket de Laval

We float on the ice, we have fun, we look ahead. It contains what we have accomplished on date and we will be ready for tomorrow’s match. We will try to get as far as possible. On the road like that, if we can play another match like yesterday or with the patients and the attendees if they make mistakes, we will be contenta Houle résumé.

Fatigue and experience

Don’t get me wrong, there will be a bit of heaviness in the legs of the players in this final match, a 7th in 11 days. On Tuesday, Laval opted for a break, of course.

Small session of soccer-volleyball in the corridors of the amphitheater, stretching, light physical activity: it was essentially dislocating the legs.

The Rockets will be private from attacker Jesse Ylönen, discreet in the series except for a three -point score in Game No. 2, injured in the upper body. Houle, on the other hand, had this interesting reflection on his potential replacement.

Often when you replace a player, it is by the same type of player. This is definitely what we are going to doat-il lancé.

Replace one offensive wing with another offensive wing, therefore. The choices are not legion and suspicions quickly fall on Joshua Roy, the best pointer at the LHJMQ this season, a choice for the 5th round of the CH in 2021, but only 18 years old.

Joshua Roy

Photo: La Presse canadienne / Graham Hughes

There are high chances that there will still be a formation of 11 attackers and 7 defenders, which would further complicate Houle’s life if he wished. cacher the young Roy during the meeting. Uses essential 10 attackers when one admits that fatigue and catching the team does not appear to be an ideal strategy.

There is, however, the experience to sell in this dress. First, the team survived a final match in a series in the best of five duel against the Syracuse Crunch or first round.

Ensuite, parce Cédric Paquette and Devante Smith-Pelly in the Coupe Stanley. They also clashed and a seventh match reported by the Smith-Pelly Capitals in its 2018 East final.

Paquette featured three more in the LNH for two wins against the Red Wings and Rangers, in 2015, and a semi-final defeat against the Penguins, in 2016. The gentleman knows tobacco.

And there are these young people, like Rafaël Harvey-Pinard, who will be able to use their junior experience to find these ultimate confrontations. Or the veterans of the American League, may be destined to never exceed this level of play, but who live great moments during these fights. Jean-Sébastien Dea is an example.

My last series was at Wolkes-Barre and, in fact, had lost in the second round in a seventh match against Hershey. I am able to remind me of the feeling […] Surely this does not tempt you to revive. You want to come out the other side, winning. So many emotions have been experienced since the beginning of the series, every guy knows what to do in situations like that. If I could ever add a little word or a little word to change the mood, I would be there, but we know what we have to do to go looking for victorysaid the 28 -year -old center.

And then there were politicians used to bury the hatchet that Bisson had previously disturbed and seemed to want to brand himself under the guise of his opponents.

In an energized Cayden Primeau, exceptional in his 14 eliminating matches with a record of 9-4-0, with an average of 2.10 and an efficiency rate of, 937. It was reminded that the best team was going to win and that he would have to leave everything on the hook. Houle specified at what point it was an opportunity for incredible growth for all its players, young or less young.

Trêve de paroles, a place in the CH school club’s first seventh match since the 2011 Eastern Final, lost to the Hamilton Bulldogs.

Guy Boucher, who led the Bulldogs the previous year and was also suspended in the seventh game in the semi-finals, had his words recently in our pages to highlight the importance of a match of the genre.

When you have collected your money for two years to pay for your car, it is not the same thing as when your parents pay you. This is the American League.

The time has come to get the check out.

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