The Red Panthers correct the shooting against India

After a fairly average performance against China on Wednesday night, Belgium would like to find their sensations against an Indian team they have not faced since 2015 and are currently 3rd in the Pro League. A test of the most interesting 4 days from the announcement of Raoul Ehren’s World Cup selection. This meeting therefore provided a great opportunity for some players to show themselves and earn points with the national selector.

If the excitement of the encounter was to the advantage of the visitors, the Panthers did not hesitate to find their brands and launch into the offensive of the adverse goal. And in 3 minutes, Barbara Nelen ended fort belle manière in a massive action together at one time. This opening of the score allowed the Belgians to handle the debate more seriously. They dominated the exchanges but they struggled to double the brand despite several PCs (5 in the first period). For their part, the Indians, not aggressive enough in the duels, did not receive the penalty during the first 30 minutes.

The second period would have ended with a new penalty but the score did not work out. Mais c’était picked the faite, à la 35e minute, by Ambre Ballenghien (2-0). A fair reward for the efforts expended since the beginning of the debates. The Red Panthers were perfectly at their meeting and they did not let go of their debates. In the last quarter, when no one thought the Indians could get back into the game, Lalremsiani benefited from a ball loss in the circle to return to the score (48th). But the last few minutes were to the advantage of the Belgians who had never been disturbed.

Belgium clings to 6th place in the world

“We needed a little time to get back into the meeting,” said Emma Puvrez, in a new brilliance. “But in general we have offered a good performance even if, at times, we have played their game a little too much. After the match against China, we have to improve some things. We thus had no bad chances of a goal. We watched no bad videos to correct the shooting following Wednesday. I recognize that the next selection is stuck in the heads of some players. There is a bit of stress in the group. But this sense of competition is beneficial for the group. Everyone is shooting upwards and must give 110 %. »

A 5th win in the Pro League (with 11 matches) that allows Belgium in particular to move up to 6th place in the world. The best ranking ever achieved by the Red Panthers. Which is why the boosters are still a bit more at a time when they are still waiting for the latest details of their preparations for the World Cup.


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