The President’s Cup at hand for Cataracts

Going 3-1 in this final series, the Cataracts could add the President’s Cup to their luggage before returning home.

After three extremely tight wins, Daniel Renaud’s team offered their worst performance on Thursday, leaning 7 to 0 in front of the most impressive crowd in team history.

April 48 h and a flight to Prince Edouard Island, they claim to avoid turning the page.

We are all aware that he will fail to play an almost perfect match to report the goal, to win the championship. Honestly, he is confident. Confidently, says the Cataracts coach since the beginning of the series, he says, the players have been playing very good hockey for him. I think we can still play the best hockey on the road because we make excessively simple decisions with the roundaboutadd it.

The team captain, Maverick Bourque, wants to give it his all from the first seconds of the game. They come out strong. It’s a club with a lot of energy. It will be important to be ready for the first round and not make the same mistake we have made since a few matches.

Team players can count on the presence of a Stanley Cup double champion. L’ancien des Penguins de Pittsburgh, Pascal Dupuis is the current assistant coach of the team. The experience of former trio partner Sidney Crosby allowed players to calm down after Thursday’s humiliating return.

shakés. Les joueurs sont allés voir de quoi ma barbe avait l’air en 2009 et en 2016 avec les victoires qu’on a eues”,”text”:”C’est sûr que tu perds un match 7-0, en série, devant tes partisans, c’est sûr que ça les a shakés. Les joueurs sont allés voir de quoi ma barbe avait l’air en 2009 et en 2016 avec les victoires qu’on a eues”}}”>I’m sure you lose a match 7-0, in series, in front of your fans, I’m sure they will shakés. The players went to see what my beard had in the air in 2009 and in 2016 with the victories we had explanation Pascal Dupuis. He lost the big ones games, we ate volleyball in series and we got strong in the following matches. It’s more about this experience than about which guys ask me questionsfind-t-il.

The fight will start at 17 h, heure des maritimes.

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