the president trusts before the decisive barrage to keep him in Elite 1

“South West” We had a very complicated season, marked by the start of our two coaches Stéphan Vitalla and Aurélien Liébaut in March. Their choice is all in their honor, but they did not have the expected effect. We have not been able to give up the dynamics of winning in progress. Partly because we get very competitive teams. We were looking for leviers to bounce back. Elodie Poublan, Fabrice Lasserre, Fabrice Lauga and Elisabeth Langevin (who make up the new staff), really put the package on the training. We could not concrete this work on the Lille match (first dam for maintenance). Now, all that is behind it. They move to Evreux, at 11 a.m. by bus, opposite Rouen, who have just won the Elite 2 shield against La Rochelle (8-7). After some of our matches this year, I can’t imagine that we won’t be at the height against an Elite 2 team. Now, everything is playing in the heads.

Was there a split between the group and its ex-coaches?

The life of a team is complicated, especially in women’s rugby. There was quality in their work. It was at the height of our demands, and those of the highest level. In any divorce, the burdens are shared. It was a missed appointment, an accumulation of small problems that plagued the day, deteriorating relations between staff and some players. But now, it’s from the past.

What changed the arrival of the new staff?

There was a kind of renewal, in the way of work, which made the girls could be found. Elodie Poublan, who was already on the staff, had a certain amount of legitimacy that allowed her to impose things.

What inspires you at the end of the international career of the lender, Lise Arricastre?

Avoid the experience and share the moments of joy and the career of Lise, it is priceless. To be able to say that he is one of our players, it will remain engraved. Neither his war temper, nor his 72 selections will be taken away from him. To the hyper-proud, it is likely that the disappointment is too great to not see the career ending on a World Cup. That was her goal, she had made many sacrifices to prepare, especially on a personal level. It’s pretty cruel. But the high level is impassable. There is that feeling of rendezvous missed by the brutality of the ad (read our edition yesterday).

The future of Lise Arricastre in Lons will be determined by the identity of the staff, the division at which the club will evolve Are you worried about that?

Pour the instant, a lot of things are on stand-by. Everything will be conditioned by the result of this weekend. Without wanting to make a fair analogy, we are struck by some kind of disease. You have to live there, give up, accept the consequences. In verra ensuite comments to continue. Whatever our sporting future is, it will bounce back. And ironing even harder if we remain in Elite 1. There, we take a good look at the experience of Lise, and a few other cadres like Makiko Tomita, who should stay. If you fall into a division, it is if you do not think your imagination, il faudrait s’adapter to the situation…. But for now, we are focusing on Sundays 12 to 1 p.m.

So Makiko Tomita will always be there next year…

It’s a scoop! If we remain in Elite 1, Makiko should remain. You see that the challenges are important …

What would be the consequences of a descent?

I have neither the CAP, nor the BTS de devin (laughs). Now, I believe the club is smart enough and well -structured to take the lessons of a difficult season. If this descent were to arrive, it would be time to fix it.

Playing a match like this does not happen every day. Do you feel any special pressure?

Well understood. Everyone is aware of this. But there is also a freshman, in this group, who allows us to imagine that if we are free… We have a group of great quality, with craftsmanship, with potential.

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