the président de la Liga confirmed the plaintes contre le PSG and Manchester City

She had announced it, she goes into action. The Spanish Football League has filed “last week” a complaint regarding the conditions of Erling Haaland’s transfer to Manchester City, to file another “this week” visant la extension de Kylian Mbappé au Paris Saint-Germain, isang assuré lundi son président Javier Tebas.

“I do not defend Real Madrid compared to Mbappé, I want to preserve European football”isang expliqué Tebas lors d’un événement-presse à Valladolid. “This week, we are going to file a complaint against PSG, and last week, we filed a complaint against Manchester City”an indiqué le patron de la Liga.

The Spanish leader is one of the most virulent critics of clubs backed by states, namely Qatar for Paris SG and the United Arab Emirates for Manchester City. It seeks to distort the financial fair play established by the EFA and to imbalance the sporting and economic competition between clubs.

Manchester City and acheté Haaland or Borussia Dortmund poured 75 million euros, and a correspondence with a clause libératoire du Norvégien. However, with agent commissions and player salaries, the transfer could cost much more to Cityzens.

Mbappé’s new contract with PSG will see the French club spend tens of millions of euros a year for the player’s salary alone, which has been extended for three additional years with the Parisians.

“Permitting these operations is more dangerous than the Super League“, estimated Tebas, referring to the deadlocked project to launch a closed and reserved European League for the big names in European football. “PSG are going to find themselves with losses of 200 million euros, they are already training 300 million and they will extend Mbappé with such results”he lamented.

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin wiped out criticism of Tebas before the Champions League final in May. “For me, it’s not right that one Ligue is criticizing another. From what I know, Real’s offer for Mbappé was similar to that of PSG”said the Slovenian president of the UEFA to the AFP.

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