In January 2021, two young Science Po students created Positive Media, “the place where one can tell good stories.”

A year and a half later, the 100% optimistic young media, which relays the daily positive news broadcast on social networks, finds considerable success.

One million people (including a large majority aged 18-34) are now part of the Positive Media community on various networks, drawn by an inspiring editorial line on topics as diverse as the environment, technology, culture , sports and many social topics.

As evidence, the third social media on Twitter and the second on TikTok by the size of its community and the National Rugby League decided to team up to tell the good stories of a sport loaded with values ​​of brotherhood and solidarity. .

Thus, from the semi-finals of the TOP 14 which announces 48 hours of festivities in the City of Nice, Média Positif will collect, via micro-sidewalk formats and stories, the excitement in the city and the emotions of the spectators to do better to disperse the fervor of this great event of
rugby français.

In the end, Positive Media will also bring its optimistic eye to make the biggest livelihood on the side of the Brennus shield quest.

The beginning of a common history that will be extended to next season to put the good stories of French rugby first at the 4 corners of the Hexagon.

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