The only Laker that all the teams could catch was unveiled

In the Lakers season, it’s pretty hard to to find points positives or players coming out of the lot, if it’s not LeBron James. Yet, despite the poor performances of others, an Angelino retains a huge amount of popularity in the eyes of other leaders. A surprise exchange to come?

The Lakers are about to recognize a complicated season in which there has not been the least reason to hope. LeBron James has long been injured, proving that despite his exceptional physique and the care he brings to his body, he begins to regain the weight of the years. His level will no doubt never be questioned here in his retirement, but his availability concerns could quickly become problematic.

And the other leaders of the effect were not necessarily better, because Russell Westbrook was particularly criticized for his achievements, and Anthony Davis has spent most of his time in infinity, as since his exit from the bubble at his magnificent NBA Finals Hopefully for fans that the arrival of Darvin Ham and his assistants will be beneficial to everyone.

Talen Horton-Tucker still invited

In fact, if you have to resort to the positive of this exercise, it could be the emergence of Austin Reaves, who proved in certain sequences that he could be a good player in the league, also very offensively defense. This was not the case with the other peddler of the effect, Talen Horton-Tucker, who was transparent for a good part of the year. However, despite mediocre statistics, the rear remains very convex. That’s what a site executive explained :

With Horton-Tucker talent, it is clear that he did not succeed in progressing as fast as everyone expected in the league. But he is only 21, and he plays for the Lakers, where the progression of young players is not necessarily the priority. Since his arrival in the NBA he has to do with the COVID, he has to do with the bubble, he always has something to put on his way.

Despite all that, I think all the other teams in the league would recruit him at the minute if he was available. He is tough, he has big arms, he knows how to play the ball and dribbler, throw the ball to organize the game, he will become a good defender, even if he doesn’t have the level yet. In all THT teams there is a lot of value.

Talen Horton-Tucker recorded 10 points, 3.2 rebonds and 2.7 passes on decisives de moyenne, it’s acceptable to pour your sons, from these places for the fans. More than the numbers, it was mainly his game intelligence that bothered him at times, and which could have refined other franchises. But visibly, the young Lakers backer preserves his puppet status in the eyes of the leaders.

The Lakers available Talen Horton-Tucker made an untouchable player last summer, but despite his poor progress this season, the leaders could have returned to their positions. If it is available, Purple and Gold should receive a number of offers.

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