The nouveau coach of the Lakers has revised a son plan majeur for LeBron!

Attending the tournament for the NBA ensemble, Darvin Ham aura notamment in the lourde tâche of driver LeBron James in the saison prochain. During his introductory press conference, he also revealed his main will regarding the King.

Many are frustrated, some end up being stung. Entrainer LeBron James may appear to be the simplest trade in the world, and yet, it is accompanied by a constant danger. Indeed, with all his power in his teams, the King can initiate a license as soon as he has the will. So it is better for his coach that he gets along well with him, as well as humanly but tactically.

Having been named to the head of the Lakers’ bench, Darvin Ham therefore knows what to hold on to. After notably seeing the fate reserved for David Blatt on the Cleveland side in 2015, the young technician would have been better off agreeing with his leader if he wanted to keep his post for a long time. He also spoke about his management over the course of next season, this Monday, during his first press conference at the post.

Darvin Ham wants to repose LeBron James at all costs

Very bavardly and unfiltered for his first appearance before Los Angeles journalists, Ham poured out his thoughts on each of the stars he was supposed to have under his orders next year. If they demand on their part a very specific common effort, each will thus be entitled to his own expectations. In LeBron’s case, it is, for example, his playing time and workload that will visibly attract a lot of attention:

Ham indicates that his priority goal will be to “reduce the volume of the task” of LeBron

So far, nothing very surprising. In fact, LBJ is going through a terrifying season, not only on the mental level, but also on the physical level as far as it is concerned. The dispute is 37.2 minutes per match on average, which is the largest utilization since the 2016-17 season! At 37 years old, he has obviously paid the price, with repetitive injuries that have kept him from 26 encounters.

If he wants to find success in his new functions, Ham knows he will have to count on a much more available and affordable LeBron. He will therefore certainly seek to delegate some of his responsibilities, including the manager. A change that could benefit a certain Russell Westbrook, who could recover under the orders of his new coach to believe the main talk of the latter !

Preoccupied with LeBron James’ physical freshness, Darvin Ham says from now on that he doesn’t want to be sure to expose King to the parquet next season. A reasonable goal, which should agree with the main interested!

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