The new 5 Death of the Warriors revealed!

While the Celtics are very resistant in these finals, the Warriors hopefully their experience will make the difference, just like their talent. So ask Stephen Curry, who has full confidence in his teammates for the upcoming matches. Steve Kerr studied, he said it in 5 majeur miser pour faire du grabuge.

Still alive in those finals, the Warriors took the lead over the Celtics in Game 4, thanks to an already legendary performance by Steph Curry. The latter has completely assumed his star status in this area, allowing the sciences to come back to 2-2. Nothing has yet been done on the subject of the ring, but it is clear that the Dubs have made the most of it, since Game 5 will take place at Chase Center, in front of their public in California.

The new lineup featuring the Warriors!

Conditions unsuitable for Golden State in order to make a difference, and reporter the remaining two victories to obtain the ring. Through the attendant’s comment for the prochaine party, Steve Kerr said the specific chances of the joueurs are important, as for example Andrew Wiggins, author of 17 points and 16 rebonds selling soir. At the Dubs, we also have a small idea of ​​the 5 start to use to triumph over the Celtics.

Warriors lineup with best final net rating (at least 10 minutes): Steph Curry / Klay Thompson / Jordan Poole / Andrew Wiggins / Kevon Looney

An absent mark? The Draymond Green performance, no longer escaped Warriors fans. It is clear that the interior is not up to par, even if he still has the opportunity to wake up here at the end. In the meantime, Kerr may have to pass him by more often.

Wiggins completes his role to perfection, which is decisive on both sides of the parquet. This is also the opportunity for Jordan Poole to shine, thus confirming all his potential. Fans hope that Green will retire:

It is rather clear that when Draymond Green is on the bench, the Warriors play better (on defense and attack)

Yes, the Warriors are much better without Draymond Green, in these playoffs at least. Once Steve Kerr pours the innover, and your son meets your son, pour the rappeler untouched. Seeing the result, the coach would have been wrong not to continue with this new 5.

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