The Nets themselves cry: “They don’t want you in Golden State, come here!” »

After a season that ended too soon, the Nets are doing well in the market. The owner of the franchise, Joe Tsai, will avoid the message of a reunion trop, and an invitation to the undesirable Warriors to reunite in Brooklyn!

The changes carried out over the course of the season have not yet borne their fruit, new ones will inevitably have to take place in the coming weeks. The Nets have not hesitated to roll up their roster in recent months, citing for example the departure of James Harden to the signatures of Goran Dragic or Andre Drummond. All in all, without getting to go beyond the first round of the playoffs.

Salement eliminated by the Celtics, Kevin Durant and his teammates know that their leaders are likely to proceed with a major household chore this summer. Disappointed players are thus more likely to take the door, while several reinforcements would have to replace them. The Brooklyn front office is doubling the efforts in actual action, and… the franchise owner, Joe Tsai.

Joe Tsai wants to see Klay Thompson in Brooklyn soon

Very ambitious in business, Tsai is all about his team. So since 2019 he puts all the financial means on the table for the latter to win the NBA title of his history… is beginning to visibly focus on the sports aspect as well. His first target as a GM apprentice? Klay Thompson, your son Dawson Gurley!

They don’t want you in Golden State, come play in Brooklyn! #FauxTampering 🤣🤣🤣

Why start YouTuber in style? Because this one is just about to ban the Chase Center, after having penetrated without authorization in passing for Klay. From the height of his 90 meters, as seen from his shooting mechanic displayed on the Warriors floor, who knows: maybe he could perform services to Steve Nash next year!

A first recruit could soon land in Brooklyn, in the person of Klay Thompson’s company. Joe Tsai, in any case, had the humor, at least to pay tribute for this invitation sent out publicly!

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