the national final of a street basketball tournament in Paris

This Sunday takes place in the 13th arrondissement of the capital the national final of the street basketball tournament “the Boss of the playground”

Streetball is another universe than basketball“. Pour fondateur du tournoi “Les Boss du Playground“, Aurélien Gabdou Baroathis sunday june 12 is a national final day. The street basketball competition renders its verdict with a final round held at the George Carpentier Hall of 13th arrondissement of Paris.

The room that usually hosts Paris Basketball matches will be the theater of the denunciation of a tournament that has already consumed the “playgrounds“of the largest cities in France. Les playgrounds are outdoor basketball courts.

It was a first for us in Paris, we had stages in Nantes, Lyon and in many other cities, but we wanted the final to be either in Paris“explains the creator of the event which includes a men’s and women’s tournament.

The tournament features eight teams of five players each. The confrontation system repeats the principle of “pick up games“Americans. that is, the team that carries it stays on the field until what it is battue. Losers are eliminated after a single defeat. The matches take place over two periods of 7 minutes.

It is a style of play that is faster and often more physical than indoor basketball“, remember the old basketteur. Thus, if the big names of streetball are present, professional basketball players are also illustrating on the steps previous ones. For example, the Paris Basketball player Ishmael Kamagaté participated in a qualifying test. This shows that it is a tournament that can bring together all the lovers of basketball“, note the fondateur.

The origin of the tournament comes from a simple finding. Aurélien Gabdou Baroa and his associate Anoureth Pongrattan lance in April 2021 BallNConnectan application that counts the basketball courts on which it is possible to dispute matches or tournaments. We came to account only after the confinement, many players wanted to meet to enjoy“.

The idea of ​​the germ tournament and the first edition of the “Boss du Playground“see the day in the summer of 2021. The idea is to determine which team will win the title of best street basketball team in France. The final starts from 10:30 p.m. this Sunday.

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