the montois and catalans supporters at the Top 14 Achievement match

To support their protégés in their quest to remain in the Top 14, the blood and orchards have made the trip in large numbers in Landaise: 2,500 to 3,000 Catalans made the trip, singing hymns to the USAP glory of the ‘ all around the stadium.

Present at noon in the streets of Mont-de-Marsan, Eric and Guilhem arrived by car from Ariège. The two expatriate Catalans were not very serious before attending this meeting. “I’m not going to hide from you because it’s a little scary, it’s always a difficult match,” they announced.

Less hard to digest

Others, on the other hand, already knew the end of the match. Georges and Didier were seen again in the Top 14 next season even before the start of the meeting. “According to me, it should be closed until the time, but then we will go out. On a tapé tous les gros cette saison, on a le niveau pour rester. They had seen it right: if the score was 16 everywhere at the time, the Montois were then left scotched, the yellows and blacks even scoring 25-0 in the second period. To their delight, the Catalans swept the turf at the final whistle to celebrate this much-anticipated maintenance (16-41).

USAP supporters ready to screw up.

Philippe Salvat

Only if the final score is once again unbalanced, this defeat remains less painful than the previous one. Bernard and his daughter Lucie wanted to forget the correction that came about around the previous weekend (49-20). “We want to lift the shield before everyone else,” they still regretted. At least the brave players will have managed to bring morale to their supporters by proving character, those who did nothing until the end of the match.

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