The Lons Section Paloise Women’s Rugby remains in Elite 1

The least one can say is that the Lons Section Paloise Rugby Féminin, and it is no longer under review. With poor results and a lost serenity, the race was long overdue, until the tipping point in April with the resignation of the coaching duo, Laurent Vitalla and Aurélien Liébaut. . Where this course is at the bottom of the standings, then in play-down, to end in match access. But it is well known that after the rain comes the good weather.

In this case, the shine came with the gallon prize from Elodie Poublan, who became the head coach of the Lons Section Paloise Rugby Women. In addition to the defense so far, she has worked tirelessly with all the staff and players to keep afloat in the Women’s Rugby Elite, the lonsois ship. With a 33-0, inflicted on the Valkyries of Rouen, and June 12 in Evreux, during the access match, the job was done and well done. It now remains to be rebuilt to avoid such a mess next season, where Elite 1 of the Women’s Rugby, passes 14 of 12 clubs. President Jean-François Lombard and Lise Arricastre, loyal to the faithful, tell us how all this is going to be put in place.

Le Lons Section Paloise Women’s Rugby
Credit: Lons Section Paloise Women’s Rugby

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